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May 2016

Welcome, May! Before April vacation we finished up a lot of projects in multiple grades.I have been taking many, many pictures of our students exciting work for our Fine Arts Festival Slideshow, coming up on Monday May 23rd! St.Chris students continue to inspire me with their flexibility, problem solving, and confidence in their artwork. They are so willing to try new things and experiment! Great job, students. Fourth grade figure sculptures are on display in the front hall case currently, fifth grade Op Art is on the wall upstairs, and soon sixth grade Pop Art will be displayed near Mrs. Clark's office upstairs as well. First grade has some fabulous "x-ray" drawings of how flowers grow on the walls near their classrooms, as well as some cave drawings by second grade in the stairwells! Third grade is showing off their oil pastel tie-dye art on the walls near their rooms.  Please stop in and look around! We are excited to explore some new ideas and begin some new art projects this May that will build on our previous explorations and skills:

In grades one and two, the children have been introduced to pointillism and the art of Georges Seurat.  We will continue exploring how dots of color blend together in our vision to create beautiful pictures.  We will be trying some different subject matter with our "q-tip" technique.  After we complete this, I hope to be taking the children outside in the good weather (I hope is coming!) to do some nature art! We will also be getting back into some drawing as well.

In grades three and four, the children have been "travelling" to Australia! We love didgeridoos! We observed some native Aborigines and their ancient painting style. Their dot paintings will be up soon I hope, they look fabulous. We will be moving on to some more observational type drawing soon, perhaps with a spring theme! I would also like to take these grades outside, weather permitting...

Fifth and sixth grades have finished some very colorful, fun paintings recently. They now have some good experience with tempera paint.  Have they told you about "blackout poetry" yet? On display soon!  We will be moving on to some more traditional forms of artwork soon before we wrap up the end of the year. But there might be a twist.....and you guessed it! We hope to be spending some time outside soon!