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Emerging Artist Student Competition (EAST)

Emerging Artist Student Competition (EAST)

The Nashua Area Artisits Association (NAAA) will be accepting entries for their Spring competition of young artists on March 25th, 2016! The competition is open to students from age 6 to 18.  If you are interested, please read all the details at the associations website on the EAST drop down menu.  You can find guidlines and instructions for entries HERE. Please read all guidlines!

Also note, this is a free competition, No entry fees!!! Hooray!


Friday, March 25th is Good Friday, and we will not have school that day.  If any students would like Mrs. Fessenden to drop off their work for them, they must put it against the tall metal cabinets near Mrs. Fessenden's (and Ms. Daigle's) desk under the stairs (near kindergarten and Pre-K) by 3pm on Thursday March 24th. Their work must be labled, ready to hang, and have the signed parent permission slip as well in order for Mrs. Fessenden to submit it for them!

Application and Information sheets can be found in the yellow folders clipped to the side of the art cart!