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May ( mayo)/ June ( junio)


Before vacation we went outside for Spanish class. It is so nice to sit on the grass, under a tree, and learn something new.

We are going to try to go out for Spanish class as much as we can during these last weeks of school.

Sixth grade is going to be learning about traditional games from Spanish-speaking countries. I used to play these games

when I was a kid. (All the other grades will be learning some of these games too).

Fifth grade is making  Vejigante masks. These masks are from Puerto Rico, and they are one of the symbols that

represent the Island. They are made out of papel mache or coconut shells.

Third grade is making Worry Dolls from Guatemala. They will share one with their pre-k buddies.  These little dolls

help the children to keep the worries away.

Second grade is learning a song in Spanish for their Spring concert about Los Pollitos (little chicks). They have been

practicing with Miss Daigle.

First and second grade are going to be reviewing about coqui. The little tree frog from Puerto Rico. They love to sing

the coqui song.

Pre-k and kindergarten are learning a song for the last day of school.

These are some of the learning activities for these last days of school. The kids already started to work on a special

project for Mary. It is going to be beautiful.

Hasta pronto,

Señora B.