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101419¡Hola! Welcome to Spanish class! My name is Carmen S. Bichrest and the children call me Señora B. I live in Nashua, in a biligual home, with my husband and daughter. I am very happy to share my love and knowledge of Spanish with your children as I do with my daughter. I hold a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico and a Masters degree in Special Edcuation from the University of Phoenix. I also hold a degree in Nursing. You can contact me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

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February (febrero)


Feliz Dia del Amor y la Amistad!

During the month of enero, we learned about the history of the pinatas. The children had a great time decorating and breaking the pinatas. Pre-K is very happy about the Spanish class. They enjoyed the books and all the activities we are doing so far. We are learning about words that are the same in both languages, like flamingos. I wrote a bilingual book, Flamingos With Scarfs (Flamingos con bufandas), for my daughter, Helena, when she was little. This book encouraged the children to learn about their environment. During Catholic Week we are going to be learning about the Our Father en espanol. So far the children are comfortable with the Sign of the Cross en espanol.

In febrero, we are going to continue practicing the days of the week, the month of the year, and the numbers. The children are going to make a calendar with the month of their birthday.  This month we are learning about dental health. In the Spanish-speaking countries, we have a tooth mouse insted of a tooth fairy.



We will read a book about it. His name is Ratoncito Perez. We also will learn about money en espanol.

I want to thank Mrs. Brown's Kindergarden class for their wonderful surprise. They learned a bilingual song with the months of the year and they shared it with me. That was great!

Hasta pronto!

Senora B.


January (enero)

DSC01971Feliz Ano nuevo!


Welcome back to la escuela. Este mes we are working on Winter words (palabras de invierno). We started with making a snowman (muneco de nieve) to start learning the parts of the body and clothing.

This month also, Pre-K started to take espanol with me. Last year Mrs. Klevisha, (the afternoon Pre-K teacher), was teaching Spanish to both Pre-K classes. This year we are helping each other with this.

During the month of diciembre, we talked about Las Posadas. This is a mexican celebration about the journey of Joseph and Mary to Belen. At Christmas Eve, the Mexican children can break a pinata to celebrate Baby's Jesus birthday. This month we are going to learn about the meaning of the pinata and we are going to make  one.

Here are the pages we are using in the class. The kids love to play futbol (soccer) with Maya and Miguel.

pbskids.org (go to Maya and Miguel)

pbskids.org/noah (go to noah comprende)

gpb.org (go to kids) (click salsa)


Hasta pronto!

Senora B.




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