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101419¡Hola! Welcome to Spanish class! My name is Carmen S. Bichrest and the children call me Señora B. I live in Nashua, in a biligual home, with my husband and daughter. I am very happy to share my love and knowledge of Spanish with your children as I do with my daughter. I hold a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico and a Masters degree in Special Edcuation from the University of Phoenix. I also hold a degree in Nursing. You can contact me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

November (noviembre)

Children are like Fall leaves... full of colors and movements.

En octubre we practiced colores con las hojas de otono (Fall leaves). We continued with colores and the children made wonderful calaveras de azucar (sugar skulls) for el dia de los muertos. We have a display all over the school for the community to view.

Llego noviembre and this month we will sing at church Gracias a Dios to thank God for everything we have. Damos gracias, we thank, the Veterans for their service and all their hard work. We are also making book marks en espanol for the book fair.  Accion de Gracias is almost here, so, a prayer en espanol and a little project to take home will be made with the children soon.  

Hasta pronto,

Senora B.



October (octubre)

The main purpose of learning another language is to promote peace and understanding among humanity.


During the month of September we started building social development with the use of greetings in Spanish. We are still working on that and will continue for the remainder of the year. This concept is going to be used every time we come into contact with a Spanish-speaking person and it is good to have a proper understanding of it. We will also continue practicing the Sign of The Cross with all of the grades. Many of the students remember it perfectly as they memorized it last year.  They are very proud of that! I am very proud of them too!

There are apples (manzanas) everywhere, and also in the Spanish class. We are reading books that the children are familiar with like, Ten apples up on top and Winnie the Pooh, in Spanish. We are introducing numbers and colors to use with the apples, as we play games and watch bilingual episodes about these themes from PBS shows like Noah Comprende.

During the month of October, the computer teacher, Mrs. Tassoni, and I planned a lesson for first grade. We are going to continue with the apple theme introduced during Spanish class and do activities on the computer using Spanish words from Ten apples up on top. This helps the children to see the relationship between specialties and how we work together to make their learning experience more interesting.

In October we are going to start talking about Fall and all of the changes this time of year brings. The leaves(hojas) are a great tool to continue practicing colors and numbers. We are going to be learning also about different holidays including those celebrated in the Spanish-speaking countries to see the differences and similarities with the American ones.

This month, from September 15 to October 15, we are celebrating Spanish Heritage Month. The sixth graders already adopted a Spanish name to use during the class. They came up with this idea, and I think it is great! They also are going to make a picture and write about why they think learning Spanish is important. We can display their work for everyone in school to enjoy. The children love to see their final projects.

Also this month, 5M will start practicing a Spanish song for the Thanksgiving Prayer Service. Mrs. Polcari will provide us with the shakers to use during this song. This is another way to combine specialties so the children can enjoy the music they all love in another language. It is a special way to give thanks (dar gracias) to the Lord for everything we have using the Spanish language the children are learning in school.

This year from grades 3 to 6, the students are going to have a grade for the Spanish class. Homework is going to be graded. Remember to do your homework and bring it back, please! Try to do your best and help each other using the information that I provide to you during the class. I want you all to have a great experience during Spanish class.



September (septiembre)

Comienza tu dia con una sonrisa. (Start your day with a smile).

¡Que pasa en septiembre en la clase de español!

We are doing saludos (greetings), practicing how to say the words correctly in front of the class. This is helping the children to get comfortable speaking in español. We are practicing colores (colors) with the use of songs and books and lot of coloring pages.

Also this year, the kids are going to have grades for the Spanish class from third grade to sixth grade. They seem very enthusiastic about this.

Last year we learned The Sign of the Cross (La Senal de la Cruz). This year we are going to continue with this and we are going to learn other prayers as well.

This is going to be a great year in la clase de español.

¡Hasta pronto!

Señora B.

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