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Mrs. Labrecque's Pre-K News

Our Pre K class has begun the month learning about ways to honor Mary during May. They made beautiful watercolor pictures of the Blessed Mother for the hall. We've also been practicing the "Hail Mary." We will be learning songs in preparation for the May Crowning and May Procession. Later in the month we will work together to make our own Mary Tree for our classroom. We will also practice our fine motor skills by using rocks to make a grotto.

Check out all the other fun things we've done so far this month:

* We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and practiced our numbers and days of the week by making our own stand up caterpillar books

* We read Charlie the Caterpillar and learned about the importance of acceptance of all of God's creatures as well as the life cycle of a caterpillar

* We used pom poms to practice one to one correspondence and making sets

* We are observing our very own caterpillars as they make a chrysalis

* We read about the life cycle of an oak tree and used fine motor skills such as ripping and cutting to make our own oak tree

* We used play dough to practice making our letters

* We practiced forming letters with shaving cream

* We play with dress up clothes to encourage dramatic play and role playing

* We've learned songs to practice rhyming words, left and right, months of the year, patterns, coordination, and our birthdays

* We also begin and end each day with a hello and good bye song that acknowledges each and every friend to help promote positive self esteem, community,      love, and frienship.

Lots of fun things going on! Be sure to check back later in the month.