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APRIL 2018 Pre-J Newsletter

APRIL 2018 News for PreK-J

We made it through March despite all the Nor’easters! Spring is finally here! The children had a great time this past month trying to catch a leprechaun in their traps. The leprechauns visited our classroom, but only left their green footprints and a mess everywhere! Also, we found that March came in like a lion and left like a lamb. We had more lamb days than lion days.

In preparing for Easter, we read bible stories, practiced the “Lord’s Prayer” and took turns waving our palm leaves in celebration of Palm Sunday, all while learning the true meaning of Easter.  The children enjoyed coloring eggs with Kool aid. They were fascinated when their fingers were dyed along with the eggs.  They also enjoyed searching for Easter eggs on the front lawn of our school.

In April, we will continue our unit on weather and the four seasons through the study of clouds, rain and spring. Spring provides us with new beginnings...birds nesting, plants sprouting, grass growing, and warmer weather!  We have lots of fun activities planned this month in Science, tying in nicely with Earth Day on April 22nd.

In Religion, we will continue to learn how God gave us our five senses, adding hearing and tasting to touch, smell, and sight.  The children will also learn how God gave us water and flowers.

In Math, we will continue to practice our numbers 0-20 and naming common shapes. We will learn about length and use the measurement to describe, sort and compare objects.

In language arts, we are continuing to practice recognizing and writing lower case letters. The children know most of the letter sounds, so we have started sounding out CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words.  This is the beginning of reading!

The children are really showing growth socially and academically this time of year. I really enjoy working with your children and sharing in their milestones.

Important Dates and Reminders

April 6              Mass – 9:15 - Church

April 11            Scholastic book order due (on line and paper orders)

April 14            Family Dance – 6:00 PM – St. Patrick Parish Gym

April 20            Earth Day Free Dress

April 20            1:45 Poetry Slam – Church hall


Thank you to the family who purchased our PreK “Underwater Fish” picture. We hope you get as much enjoyment out of the picture, as we enjoyed creating it!

Happy Spring!

<3 Ms. Jodrey & Ms. Romero