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Welcome to Pre K!


My name is Elise Jodrey, and I am very excited to be part of the St. Christopher family. I have been teaching for over 10 years at several grade levels in the Nashua Public Schools with my primary focus being Kindergarten. I am a graduate of Rivier University, where I received my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education K-8. I am also certified in Elementary Education with the State of NH.

I grew up in Nashua, and raised three children here.  You can often find me outside enjoying nature; either walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, gardening, snow-shoeing, or cross-country skiing.  If I’m not outside exploring nature, you can find me baking a favorite recipe or snuggled up reading a good book. I look forward to hearing from you via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Ms. Andrea Romero is the Pre-K R aide. You can reach her This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



December News


Prek-J December News

Please welcome Mrs. Andrea Romero as our new permanent Classroom Aid! We are very excited to have her join us! She knows St. Christopher School very well as she has substitute taught for years here, and has many years’ experience working with children.

We want to thank Miss Nancy for helping us out the past few weeks in our classroom as a substitute Aid. The kids loved having her in the classroom and so did I. We are thankful that she has agreed to continue to volunteer in our classroom!

December is another busy month as we

prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth. We will begin the season of Advent by discussing the importance of the Advent wreath which we will “light” each week leading up to Christmas. We will be attending Mass on December 8th to celebrate the Immaculate Conception. We will conclude the month of Decem

ber by attending the Christmas Prayer Service on December 21st at 11:30.

This month the children have been busy singing and learning the meaning of a variety of Christmas songs such as Silent Night, Away in the Manger and Christ Be Our Light. You will not want to miss our little ones singing in the Christmas Concert on December 12th at 10:00 in St. Christopher’s Church. They are very excited to participate in the Concert!

We have just completed a unit on the Gingerbread Man. What fun! The kids loved listening to a variety of Gingerbread boy and girl stories and comparing and contrasting the various versions. Decorating gingerbread cookies and making gingerbread houses are a few of the fun activities we have completed this month. We even have a gingerbread friend, “Gingy” that has joined our classroom and keeps the kids guessing where he’ll show up next. He seems to move around while we are away. I hope he doesn’t start leaving our classroom.

In Religion, we will be learning about Jesus’s birth, Angels and Stars and how they relate to the meaning of Christmas. What a special time of year!

In Language Arts, we are finishing up learning the names of the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. The children have done a wonderful job learning the letter-keyword-sounds of the alphabet. We will soon focus on the correct letter formation of lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as learning the association of a sound with the written letter. The letters will be introduced for writing in order of letter form, not in ABC order. We will start with the letter “Tt”.

In Math, we will continue to learn about numbers – writing them, counting, and recognizing them. Our class will also continue to practice grouping, sorting, creating patterns, and word problems utilizing simple addition and subtraction. The children continuously practice and utilize math skills throughout the day.

In Science, the children have been exploring a variety of pinecones and have discovered seeds hidden inside them. So exciting! We will continue to work with nature & weather, as well as introduce electricity this month utilizing Christmas Lights.

We are very busy in Pre-K and enjoying every moment!

Scholastic Book Orders were sent home last week. To ensure that you receive your order in time for Christmas, on-line orders or paper orders with checks are due this Friday, December 8th. As always, we will double bag your order, so little eyes do not get a glimpse.

Christmas Vacation is December 22 – January 2nd.

We return to school on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

Thursday, December 21st is Early Release.

We will be dismissing Pre-K at 12:15.

There will be no aftercare that day as it is the start of our Christmas break.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy New Year!!

<3 Ms. Jodrey and Mrs. Romero


November Newsletter

November News Image result for thanksgiving clip art

October has flown by with a flurry of engaging activities and learning, and November has arrived with a cool strong wind promising more of the same. This month we will be thinking about all the things we are thankful for, such as all of God’s creations, the change in seasons, the first Thanksgiving, our families, and the friends we have made in Pre-K. We are truly blessed! As a class, each day throughout the month of November, we are keeping a list of what we are thankful for. This list is sure to become very long!

In Religion, we are learning about thanking God for the many blessings he has given us. We will learn about the Pilgrims and about the first Thanksgiving. As Thanksgiving gets near, we will have fun making our own butter and cornbread. We’ll be talking about families and the ways in which family members care for each other, and about how we can care for others.

During November, we will finish up our study of fall changes and begin to look forward to changes that occur as winter draws near. As little scientist, we have begun to develop our scientific inquiry skills, through hands-on exploring and observing, hypothesizing, and communicating results. Studying science is just as much fun as Math! In math, we will continue our ongoing study of numbers, counting, patterns, and shapes, focusing this month on solid shapes, their names and attributes, and continuing our work on word problems using objects.

In Language Arts, we have continued our practice in writing our names as well as our classmates. We will be finishing up our introduction of alphabet letters, sounds and actions, and begin to practice properly writing upper and lower case letters. Our fine motor skills are improving everyday as we color, cut, paste, and create throughout the day.

November is sure to fly by as we round out our learning with “movement” activities, learning new songs, rhythms, rhymes and games. Have a great month!


October Newsletter from Pre-K J


October 3, 2017
Hello Prek-J Parents,
We have had a great September in our Pre-K class! We have spent time getting to know each other, learning our routines, classroom rules and our schedule.  We have been doing lots of activities relating to our theme of the month “School, friends and what makes us special”, as well as singing songs and learning prayers.
September was filled with many fun and engaging activities.  We began practicing how to write our names as well as recognizing them around the classroom. During morning meeting, we started our count down to the 100th day of school. We also started learning about the days of the week, months of the year and graphing the weather.
We met our 3rd grade buddies for the first time a couple weeks ago. The children had a wonderful time getting to know each other, and the 3rd graders enjoyed playing on the playground with them. We can’t wait to see them again.
Academically, we started right away introducing two letters and their sounds each week and reinforcing the letters with various activities in the classroom. We have been introducing the letters in alphabetical order as suggested by Wilson Fundation Pre-K curriculum.  We will then start the alphabet again learning how to write upper and lower case letters. Coloring papers having been going home representing these letters, pictures and sounds.  As of the end of September, we have covered Aa through Hh. We will continue this progression into the month of October.
In math, we will continue our study of numbers, writing and recognizing them and doing activities that involve sorting. Students will also be playing games that involve 1:1 correspondence as well as shape recognition and patterns.
In science, we will learn all about fall leaves, apples, pumpkins, and farms!
In religion, we are learning about what makes each of us special and how our names are also special. We will learn about Jesus and how he was a wonderful example of someone who showed care and concern for others. During this month we will focus on learning how we can be more like Jesus by sharing, helping, waiting and listening to others.
To get ready for our first Mass in Church on October 20th, Vocation Day; we have practiced entering the church and sitting quietly in the pews, using our listening ears, and keeping quiet hands and feet. The Pre-K team have high behavior expectations and our hope is that you will reinforce these expectations at home.
For the month of October, our theme is “fall and farm” which ties in with our trip to Parlee Farms on Friday, October 13th, Early Release.  Permission slips and field trip information have been sent home. Please be sure to fill out the paperwork and send in your money as soon as possible.
Throughout the month of October, we will continue learning new letters and sounds, numbers, and practice our social skills each day through play.   A quote from Mr. Rogers sums up our learning, “For children, play is serious learning”.

Important Dates to Remember
October 9 No School – Columbus Day
October 13 Parlee Farm Field Trip
October 13 EARLY RELEASE – full day dismissal at 12:30, half day 11:30. NO Aftercare and NO hot/cold lunches served.
October 17 Firefighters’ visit!
October 18 Picture Day
October 20 Please reserve Friday, October 20th at 12 noon to have lunch at St. Chris with your child for our Pre-K “Take Your Parent to Lunch Day!” After listening to the pre-K classes perform a few songs, you will be treated to a pizza lunch with your child.
October 24 Vocation Day/Vocation Mass 9:15
October 31 Halloween free Dress

Scholastic Book Orders:
We will be sending home the October Book Orders shortly. They will be due October 20th.  You can look at the flyers on line, as well as order on line. Go online to scholastic.com/newparent. Look up my name: Ms. Jodrey or enter our Class Code: MD2BJ and then follow the instructions to place your order.
Friendly Reminders
• Please do NOT send in any food items containing peanuts/tree nuts. We have several students with life threatening allergies in our classroom.  A good substitute for peanut butter is “Sun butter”.
• Don’t forget to send in blankets for rest time!
• Please return the “Wednesday News” brown envelopes each week. We reuse them.
• As the weather gets colder, please be sure to send in warm sweatshirts, sweaters, and/or jackets. Layers are best as the weather can be unpredictable.
• Please continue to send in water bottles daily as the children still need a good drink of water after recess and gym class.
• Thursday is gym day and students are to wear sneakers and their gym uniforms. Pre-K will be rotating gym times between morning and afternoon to ensure that the half day students are able to participate in gym class.
• Thank you to all the parents sending in notes or contacting the front office if there is going to be a change in pick up.
• If you have not signed up for a Parent Teacher Conference in November, please do so soon.
Thank you for sharing your children with us. We look forward to a great October!
<3 Ms. Jodrey & Mrs. McCabe



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