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April is here - Happy Easter! We’ll be spending these weeks before Spring Break celebrating and learning about all things spring. Seeds, flowers...April showers, these are the topics our spring study brings.

Our religion curriculum ties into our science theme, focusing on God’s gifts of flowers and birds. We’ll study how plants grow from seeds and what they need to grow, and learn about birds and their springtime activities. Earth Day is April 22, and we’ll have fun celebrating on Friday, April 20, the day before Spring Break.

In math, we’ll continue our work with numbers, counting, patterns and shapes. We’ll also keep graphing, sorting, and working on different ways to combine items to make 8, 9, and 10. Counting backwards from 10 is tricky and popular this month, and we’re getting good at beginning at any number up to 100 and counting on. Our math center remains one of our favorite go-to areas; math games and activities are engaging and fun!

Pre-K always enjoys a special look at the classic Jack and the Beanstalk, a perennial springtime favorite. Don’t be surprised if you hear some fee fi fo fum during playtime, accompanied by giant footsteps, of course! We continue to work on recognizing and naming lowercase letters, rhyming, practicing our letter sounds, writing names with an uppercase and lowercase letters, and hearing and naming beginning and ending sounds.

Our April days are busy! Happy Spring, everyone!