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Happy February, everyone! We have so much to learn and do in the three weeks before February vacation. As always, Pre-K is busy learning through play and through carefully planned small and whole group activities. Even our play time is specifically designed to meet each child at their own unique level of development, encouraging and facilitating each child’s growth and learning. Every day, children ask if they can play this or that game, not even realizing that the game is actually a lesson. Learning is so much fun in Pre-K!

Our February activities begin with the all-school celebrations of Catholic Schools Week. How lucky we are to be part of our St. Chris community! We learn about St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe, about helping others, about praying, get to wear summer clothes and pj’s to school, eat ice cream, and enjoy special time with our third grade buddies.

We also learn about Groundhog Day, shadows, hibernation and migration this month, and continue our STEM exploration of all things winter. We learn about President’s Day, and, if the weather cooperates, celebrate our 100th day of school. In math, we continue to build skills in counting, recognizing numerals, finding parts of 6, 7, 8, and 9, and creating and continuing patterns. We learn that God gave us light, learn more about God’s gift of senses, and also learn about St. Valentine. We learn how even more lower case letters are formed, and continue to practice tracing and writing our names.

Pre-K always enjoys a detailed study of the book, “The Mitten.”  We love the story itself, the illustrations in Jan Brett’s book, and related activities in math, art, and science - to name just a few!

Our Valentine’s party will be during snack on February 14th. Please refer to the paper January newsletter for details and our class list. If you do send in valentines for your child to distribute, please be sure to include a card for each child in the class. In Pre-K, things go much more smoothly if your child’s name is on each card, and if each card is addressed to a particular child. Thank you so much for your help in making Valentine’s Day a special day in Pre-K!