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January in Pre-KD

Brrrrrr! It’s cold and SNOWY outside - the perfect time to learn about winter! Pre-K is learning all about snow, snowflakes, clouds, ice, temperature, measuring, solids and liquids, and even about the earth’s rotation and tilt! We’re singing snow songs and learning snow poems and games.

Our writing center is now stocked with winter word cards for those who like to copy words to practice writing and letter sounds. In our art center, we’re experimenting with ways to make snowflakes, snowmen, and winter scenes. We’re learning about cool and warm colors, and will explore some new materials and techniques, including oil pastels, crayon resist, and printing. Our Christmas-themed math center activities have given way to winter challenges and games, all designed to build and reinforce skills in number recognition, counting, measuring and comparing, adding and subtracting, and patterning.

Pre-K religion and science lessons this month center around learning about the senses of sight, hearing, touch, and smell. These activities are always a favorite as we explore God’s gifts of seasons and senses! With our winter theme, we’re also focusing on the topics of freezing and melting. We continue our work with letter recognition and sounds, rhyming, and beginning and ending sounds. Our formal introduction to letter formation begins this month, following our curriculum and introducing proper formation for lower case letters.

We’re learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. this month, and about his belief that the content of our character is what’s most important. We’re practicing speaking kindly and directly with a classmate who does something that bothers us, and how to respond kindly as well.

It’s another busy, fun month in Pre-KD, packed with learning and activities, and we'll need to have a party to celebrate all we've learned! Details about our winter party will be shared in your child's folder later this month. Please be sure to send in a blanket each Monday for rest time, and warm mittens and hats for outdoor play. Please remember that boots are not allowed to be worn in school, and to send in shoes for your child to change into if they wear boots to school.

I remain so thankful for your support and generosity - it is such fun to work with your children each day!