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December News

December is here, with all of its special songs, crafts, and goodies! What a blessing it is to be part of a school community where we can sing, teach, and learn about Jesus and His birthday. Pre-K started learning Silent Night and Away in a Manger as soon as we got back from Thanksgiving. We are learning the words and melodies, and talking a lot about what the songs mean and about how special it is that Jesus didn’t come as a king in a castle, but as a tiny baby in a manger. We are learning that Jesus’ birth was an amazing way for God to show how much he loves us, and that we can say thank you to God and show that we love him by being kind to others. During Advent, we will be learning more about the holy night when Jesus was born, the visitors who came to see Him, and about Christmas symbols and traditions.

Before the beginning of Advent, the children enjoyed Gingerbread Week. We read different versions of the traditional story and compared and contrasted the details. We enjoyed making gingerbread people and houses, and even got to decorate and eat gingerbread cookies! We made a special Christmas ornament with our third grade buddies, and learned a fun gingerbread man dance.

In math, the children are learning that counting by tens is a quick way to count to 100 and beyond, and are having fun practicing that. We continue to develop word problem skills, and the children enjoy adding and subtracting on our class number line, calendar, and with objects. We complete our letter and sound introduction this month, having learned the letter, sound, and picture association for all 26 letters of the alphabet. Following the Fundations Pre-K curriculum, children will begin learning correct letter formation for lower case letters, and continue developing their awareness of words and sounds. The children practice and strengthen their rhyming skills and isolation of beginning and ending sounds of words every day. They continue to explore concepts of print and develop the fine motor strength needed for writing. Creating tiny books is a very popular activity in our writing center this month!

In science, we are carefully observing pine cones and learning about the life cycle of pine trees. It has been so exciting to discover seeds inside pine cones, and to talk about how seeds get planted and what they need in order to grow. We will also be learning about electricity, batteries, and Christmas lights this month, and continuing to record the changes in weather happening in December.

Merry Christmas, everyone!