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What a wonderful and busy time we had together in October, and November promises to speed by - it’s a short and busy month for us in Pre-K!

Conferences are November 16th for all grades, including Pre-K. I am still contacting a few families to schedule a conference time, and will then send out a conference date and time confirmation note to all families. Conferences are scheduled 10 minutes apart; it’s amazing how much information we can share in that time, and I look forward to conferences every year!

This month in Religion, we are learning about thanking God for His creation and the many blessings He has given us. From family to friends to St. Chris school, we have so much that we are thankful for. Together, we will make a long list of things our class is thankful for. We will learn about the Pilgrims and how thankful they were to God just like we are, and about the first Thanksgiving. We’ll have fun making our own butter and cornbread in class as Thanksgiving draws near. We’ll be talking about families and the ways in which family members care for each other, and about ways we can care for others, even in Pre-K!

Our science curriculum this month wraps up our study of fall changes. We are becoming such keen observers, and are developing our scientific inquiry skills. Our classroom science center is very popular, as children actively engage in the scientific processes of observing, hypothesizing, testing their hunches, and even recording observations and results. Science is fun! We love math in Pre-K too. We will continue our ongoing study of numbers, counting, patterns, and shapes, focusing this month on solid shapes, their names and attributes, and continuing our work with oral word problems using objects.

Our writing center is another very popular choice during centers. I’ve added picture word cards this month, so that children can copy words they are interested in writing. Writing each other’s (and their own) names is very interesting and exciting, so we have a set of class name cards in our writing center for copying, too. I keep a variety of interesting papers for the children to use in their writing, and a variety of writing tools, as well. We’ll be trying some new techniques in our art center this month, finishing up our introduction of alphabet letter names, sounds, and actions, trying some new games in our ABC and fine motor centers, and rounding out our learning with new songs, rhythms, rhymes, and games.