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Lisa-2Welcome to Pre-K!


I have been teaching for many years, and I love teaching Pre-K! I earned my M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education from Lesley University, and have taught in Catholic, private, and public schools. My husband and I have three adult children, and we are a host family for students attending BG!

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We’re back from vacation and it’s March! Whether the month comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb only time will tell, but we had fun talking about March and preparing our lion and lamb bulletin board with Ms. Jodrey’s class!

It’s such fun to start thinking about spring and the changes it brings in New England. In Pre-K, anticipating spring helps us understand the special season of Lent and how it helps us anticipate celebrating Jesus’ resurrection at Easter. We continue to talk about and practice being kind, and the children made Lenten promises to add to the school-wide Lenten display Mrs. Noon created in the lobby. The kids came up with such wonderful ideas, most of which involve being kind to others in one way or another!

March also brings our St. Chris STEM Fair on March 8th. We’ll get to showcase some of our winter science learning in our classroom that night, and let our visitors try their hand at a couple of the projects we enjoyed. It was exciting working on the Pre-K auction project, too! It looks like tickets are going fast and our school is set for an exciting auction night on March 24th!

We have progressed to Units 6 and 7 in our math curriculum, and our March math lessons, projects, and games will focus on using different numbers to make 10, sharing 10 items equally, comparing and describing towers of varying numbers of blocks, and using attributes to name shapes.

On March 16th, our whole school has a free dress day - green and white for St. Patrick. We’ll take part in the whole-school Mass, enjoy a simple green snack and learn a bit about St. Patrick and the Irish traditions of St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns, and rainbows.

There is no school on Good Friday or on Monday, April 2nd. I wish you all a joy-filled Easter when it arrives!




Happy February, everyone! We have so much to learn and do in the three weeks before February vacation. As always, Pre-K is busy learning through play and through carefully planned small and whole group activities. Even our play time is specifically designed to meet each child at their own unique level of development, encouraging and facilitating each child’s growth and learning. Every day, children ask if they can play this or that game, not even realizing that the game is actually a lesson. Learning is so much fun in Pre-K!

Our February activities begin with the all-school celebrations of Catholic Schools Week. How lucky we are to be part of our St. Chris community! We learn about St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe, about helping others, about praying, get to wear summer clothes and pj’s to school, eat ice cream, and enjoy special time with our third grade buddies.

We also learn about Groundhog Day, shadows, hibernation and migration this month, and continue our STEM exploration of all things winter. We learn about President’s Day, and, if the weather cooperates, celebrate our 100th day of school. In math, we continue to build skills in counting, recognizing numerals, finding parts of 6, 7, 8, and 9, and creating and continuing patterns. We learn that God gave us light, learn more about God’s gift of senses, and also learn about St. Valentine. We learn how even more lower case letters are formed, and continue to practice tracing and writing our names.

Pre-K always enjoys a detailed study of the book, “The Mitten.”  We love the story itself, the illustrations in Jan Brett’s book, and related activities in math, art, and science - to name just a few!

Our Valentine’s party will be during snack on February 14th. Please refer to the paper January newsletter for details and our class list. If you do send in valentines for your child to distribute, please be sure to include a card for each child in the class. In Pre-K, things go much more smoothly if your child’s name is on each card, and if each card is addressed to a particular child. Thank you so much for your help in making Valentine’s Day a special day in Pre-K!


January in Pre-KD

Brrrrrr! It’s cold and SNOWY outside - the perfect time to learn about winter! Pre-K is learning all about snow, snowflakes, clouds, ice, temperature, measuring, solids and liquids, and even about the earth’s rotation and tilt! We’re singing snow songs and learning snow poems and games.

Our writing center is now stocked with winter word cards for those who like to copy words to practice writing and letter sounds. In our art center, we’re experimenting with ways to make snowflakes, snowmen, and winter scenes. We’re learning about cool and warm colors, and will explore some new materials and techniques, including oil pastels, crayon resist, and printing. Our Christmas-themed math center activities have given way to winter challenges and games, all designed to build and reinforce skills in number recognition, counting, measuring and comparing, adding and subtracting, and patterning.

Pre-K religion and science lessons this month center around learning about the senses of sight, hearing, touch, and smell. These activities are always a favorite as we explore God’s gifts of seasons and senses! With our winter theme, we’re also focusing on the topics of freezing and melting. We continue our work with letter recognition and sounds, rhyming, and beginning and ending sounds. Our formal introduction to letter formation begins this month, following our curriculum and introducing proper formation for lower case letters.

We’re learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. this month, and about his belief that the content of our character is what’s most important. We’re practicing speaking kindly and directly with a classmate who does something that bothers us, and how to respond kindly as well.

It’s another busy, fun month in Pre-KD, packed with learning and activities, and we'll need to have a party to celebrate all we've learned! Details about our winter party will be shared in your child's folder later this month. Please be sure to send in a blanket each Monday for rest time, and warm mittens and hats for outdoor play. Please remember that boots are not allowed to be worn in school, and to send in shoes for your child to change into if they wear boots to school.

I remain so thankful for your support and generosity - it is such fun to work with your children each day!


December News

December is here, with all of its special songs, crafts, and goodies! What a blessing it is to be part of a school community where we can sing, teach, and learn about Jesus and His birthday. Pre-K started learning Silent Night and Away in a Manger as soon as we got back from Thanksgiving. We are learning the words and melodies, and talking a lot about what the songs mean and about how special it is that Jesus didn’t come as a king in a castle, but as a tiny baby in a manger. We are learning that Jesus’ birth was an amazing way for God to show how much he loves us, and that we can say thank you to God and show that we love him by being kind to others. During Advent, we will be learning more about the holy night when Jesus was born, the visitors who came to see Him, and about Christmas symbols and traditions.

Before the beginning of Advent, the children enjoyed Gingerbread Week. We read different versions of the traditional story and compared and contrasted the details. We enjoyed making gingerbread people and houses, and even got to decorate and eat gingerbread cookies! We made a special Christmas ornament with our third grade buddies, and learned a fun gingerbread man dance.

In math, the children are learning that counting by tens is a quick way to count to 100 and beyond, and are having fun practicing that. We continue to develop word problem skills, and the children enjoy adding and subtracting on our class number line, calendar, and with objects. We complete our letter and sound introduction this month, having learned the letter, sound, and picture association for all 26 letters of the alphabet. Following the Fundations Pre-K curriculum, children will begin learning correct letter formation for lower case letters, and continue developing their awareness of words and sounds. The children practice and strengthen their rhyming skills and isolation of beginning and ending sounds of words every day. They continue to explore concepts of print and develop the fine motor strength needed for writing. Creating tiny books is a very popular activity in our writing center this month!

In science, we are carefully observing pine cones and learning about the life cycle of pine trees. It has been so exciting to discover seeds inside pine cones, and to talk about how seeds get planted and what they need in order to grow. We will also be learning about electricity, batteries, and Christmas lights this month, and continuing to record the changes in weather happening in December.

Merry Christmas, everyone!




What a wonderful and busy time we had together in October, and November promises to speed by - it’s a short and busy month for us in Pre-K!

Conferences are November 16th for all grades, including Pre-K. I am still contacting a few families to schedule a conference time, and will then send out a conference date and time confirmation note to all families. Conferences are scheduled 10 minutes apart; it’s amazing how much information we can share in that time, and I look forward to conferences every year!

This month in Religion, we are learning about thanking God for His creation and the many blessings He has given us. From family to friends to St. Chris school, we have so much that we are thankful for. Together, we will make a long list of things our class is thankful for. We will learn about the Pilgrims and how thankful they were to God just like we are, and about the first Thanksgiving. We’ll have fun making our own butter and cornbread in class as Thanksgiving draws near. We’ll be talking about families and the ways in which family members care for each other, and about ways we can care for others, even in Pre-K!

Our science curriculum this month wraps up our study of fall changes. We are becoming such keen observers, and are developing our scientific inquiry skills. Our classroom science center is very popular, as children actively engage in the scientific processes of observing, hypothesizing, testing their hunches, and even recording observations and results. Science is fun! We love math in Pre-K too. We will continue our ongoing study of numbers, counting, patterns, and shapes, focusing this month on solid shapes, their names and attributes, and continuing our work with oral word problems using objects.

Our writing center is another very popular choice during centers. I’ve added picture word cards this month, so that children can copy words they are interested in writing. Writing each other’s (and their own) names is very interesting and exciting, so we have a set of class name cards in our writing center for copying, too. I keep a variety of interesting papers for the children to use in their writing, and a variety of writing tools, as well. We’ll be trying some new techniques in our art center this month, finishing up our introduction of alphabet letter names, sounds, and actions, trying some new games in our ABC and fine motor centers, and rounding out our learning with new songs, rhythms, rhymes, and games.

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