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Welcome to Music with Miss Daigle!

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Nothing like listening to music in the end of the summer crisp days! I hope everyone had a lovely summer, I was quite busy but luckily managed to find some time to soak in the sun.

For my new parents: Your kids are about to be immersed in lots of fun activities this year. I teach using the methods of Orff and Kodaly to teach my classes – both focus on combing music,movement, drama, dance, and hands on instruments and activities into each lesson.

Image result for recorder pngMy main goals follow the national and NH standards of music, plus some! I focus on making my classes engaging, easy to learn, and downright fun for kids of all ages.

Pre-K and Kindergarten will be ON THE FARM this month! They’ll be working on pulse, fast vs. slow, rhythmic patterns, high vs. low, same vs. different, long vs. short, and towards the end of the month; singing, beginning percussion, and musical phrasing. We’ll be singing  and dancing to favorites - “Old MacDonald Had  A Farm,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Hey Diddle, Diddle,” and many more!

Image result for quarter note pngFirst grade will be focusing in on the quarter note and rest. We’ll be drawing them and learning how to read and play them. They will be using drums and other percussion instruments in class as we march around the room to “the Bare Necessities.”

Second grade will be learning and reviewing quarter and eighth notes and rests as well as the pitches and hand signs for Do, Re, Mi. They will also be learning what timbre is in music (quality of

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sound) by playing lots of different instruments.

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In addition to 3-6 grade below the kids will be learning about India by listening and playing to the song “Diwali, Diwali.” 3rd and 4th will be learning the traditional dance used in this song and 5thand 6th graders will be learning more about the culture of India. And not just music culture– geography, customs, dress, and much more! A little clean Hamilton fun wil be happening in the 5th and 6th grade classes as well as learning more about Alex Lacamoire (Director of Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and Wicked on Image result for alex lacamoire tonyBroadway).

Third grade will slowly begin to learn how to READ MUSIC! They learn how to slowly read music beginning with notes B, A, and G on the boomwhackers. Quarter notes, eighth notes, and half notes, and whole notes will be reviewed. We will be playing beginning songs at first, then we’ll get to the fun ones later! Recorder orders will be going out very soon. Each child will purchase a recorder of their own. This order will be no more than $8 and your child will receive a recorder, case, cleaning rod, and practice book that we will be using in class.

Image result for boomwhackers pngFourth grade will be reviewing all notes and practicing their rhythms. They will have the chance to play “The Pink Panther” on the boomwhackers rhythmically and rapid fire treble cleff note names. Recorder orders will be going out very soon for new fourth grade students.

Fifth graders will be diving into everything that they have learned in the past three years with me! They have graduated with recorder and will be moving on to even more challenging instruments. They will be playing folk songs such as “Tom Dooley,” “Shake the Papaya Down,” and “I Want to Rise” on the ukuleles.

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Sixth graders will be reviewing the FUN-damentals of music. Rhythm, pitch, and melody are familiar tothem. Chord form and progressions will be introduced and a more deep understanding of the circle of fifths (touched upon last year) will be studied! We will also be diving into Handel’s “Le Rejouissance: Allegro” – strings, timpanis, horns, and clarinet players delight!

- Miss Daigle -

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