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April 2017

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Lots of fun things will be happening in music class this month! The little ones will be experimenting with high sounds and low sounds. Is a whistle high or low? How about a bear growl? Or a tea kettle? Or a timpani! Students color coding high and low sounds (orange is high and purple is low) and then cutting and pasting them on their project sheet! Up next Month we’ll be working on fast and slow and then mixing the two!

First and second graders will learn about Japan - the culture, music, and customs celebrated there. We will listen to “Ame, Ame” and read a lovely story about defeat and hoisting over hurtles. We’ll also be practicing our note writing – they love it so much!

Third and fourth graders will get a little taste of advanced improv this month with a game called Crazy face! They are sure to love it! We will also be working on ready BAG without writing the letter names above the notes.

5th and 6th graders worked on the beginnings of their “Musical Comic” Project. This is a mash up of loads of learning. The students will learn how to create a good story by learning the mountain technique of story building - beginning, rising action, climax, falling action, and ending. They will then brainstorm about the kinds of comic strip they would like to write. Each comic is eight boxes in length and will be colored. Then next month we are going to start using Garage band on the ipads to create music to background their comics. These will be presented to the class!