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March 2017

Image result for leprechaun music pngThis year is flying by - The Lion King is right around the corner, and that also means that the Spring concerts are too! All grades (except the fourth and sixth graders... poor kids haven’t had music for a month!!) have began to learn their concert songs. The little ones will be singing from a musical called “Teach the World to Sing.” This sweet musical features tunes from all around the world, “Frere Jacques,” “Los Pollitos,” and “London Bridge” to name a few. The 3-6 graders will be singing music from “American’s All.” This beautiful musical features the music of the world as well! Korea, The Caribbean, Africa, Israel and many more.


In addition students will continue to learning about new instruments depending on their level. Later in the month I will be doing a special on jazz and each grade will learn how to improvise on instruments and vocals (called scat!). 3rd and  4th will continue with recorder, make sure they are practicing!!! 5th and 6thwill be learning, writing, playing, and sharing new instruments!Image result for four leaf clover png