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May 2016

St. Christopher School’s Spring Concerts


Prek-2 Grade:

How Does Your Garden Grow

May 17th at 10am


3-6 Grade:

For Which It Stands

May 24th at 10am

Happy month of concerts! I’m beyond excited to for parents, teachers, staff, and students to see the concerts this month! Students have been working hard on their two selected pieces for Spring. K-2 will be singing selections from “How Does Your Garden Grow” and pre-k will be singing “Daisy, Daisy” and “Lavender Blue” (which they can’t get enough of singing the phrase dilly, dilly!) 3-6 grade will be signing from “For Which It Stands.” Third grade songs are about America’s flag and The Declaration of Independence. Fourth grade is singing about the Gateway Arch and the Hoover Dam. Fifth grade’s songs feature the Liberty Bell and Mount Rushmore. Lastly, sixth grade sings about the Golden Gate Bridge and the fifty states.

Meanwhile in class 5th and 6th graders are presenting and performing their projects for two weeks. Proceeding them will be some intense rhythm class with African drums. 3rd and 4th grade have learned so many notes on the recorder! They will be practicing with “(Low) D” this month in addition to B, A, G, C, (high) D, F#, & E! We will start with page 22! 1st and 2nd grade have impressed me so very much last month! They did such a great job when asked to combine writing their notes rhythmically and melodically. We will be doing more of that this month, more so with the drums and boom whackers. This month's classical piece is "The Arrival of Queen Shiba" by Handel. This song shows students how oboes sound (and what an oboe is!) as well as showcasing dynamics. Pre-k and K will be practicing their notes and dynamics with dance and bean bag fun!


Prek-2 have a blast with the amount of instruments St. Chris has to offer. They know how to play rhthym sticks, sand blocks, guiros, triangles, shakers, tamborine's, jingle bells, and of course boomwhackers and drums!