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April 2016

Happy April!

I’m hoping that everyone can come to The Little Mermaid Jr. April 8th at 7:00pm at Nashua Catholic! This show is going to be absolutely amazing!

Meanwhile in music class, lots of fun things will be going on as well. The little ones have gotten to experience the super cool floor piano mat for the first time. So far they’ve had fun on it, but this month they will actually learn the C Major scale and what arpeggios are!

The third and fourth graders now know how to play 6 notes on the recorders. We have learned F# and have made it all the way to page 16! *On a side note, I have let them know that each time they forget to bring their recorder to class; a point will be taken away from their final grade. I am only enforcing this now because it seems that the same students have been forgetting their recorders at home or elsewhere*

Here are the six notes they can play! F#, G, A, B, C, & D


The fifth and sixth grader loved the iPad projects so much they wanted another.  So I designed a Broadway Musical iPad project where they research an original musical, create a Prezi, and if they so choose; they can perform a song or scene from the musical in class.  So far they have enjoyed doing this because there are so many new contemporary musicals to choose from. Shrek, School of Rock, and other Disney musicals have been popular to research.  All of the research is done in class, however if they desire to make a video instead of perform their song or skit live, they must do so at home.


Since Earth Day is this month, the kids will be learning about different musical cultures from around the world each week! Africa, China, South America, and Russia to name a few!