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NOID1Q02231Welcome! I hope that you're student is ready to be immersed into the world of music! Ukuleles, recorders, boomwhackers, drumming, dancing, singing, games, and theater are just some of the activities that I love to teach in class. Music is my passion and I absolutely adore sharing my love for it. The Christmas Pageants and Spring Concerts happen twice a year and showcase every grade's voice. If you have any questions, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





October 2016

pumpkinHappy October! Fall is my absolute favorite season, not only because of the weather but I get to sing fun songs to the little ones involving Halloween and create worksheet with ghouls and pumpkins. In addition to all the fun actities below Prek-2 grade and 3-6 grade will be beginning to learn their Christmas pageant songs!

This month pre-k and K will explore more about the farm! Piggies are next with the song “Hop on One Foot Little Pig,” then horses with “My Pony Macaroni.” “The Farmer in the Dell” will be learned and marched to with all different instruments late in the month. And the FAVORITE “We are Spooky Skeletons” at the end of the  month will be played and explored through different types of body movements. Colorful halloween books will be sung to them with accompiant on the ukulele. We’ll have lots of fun!

First grade will begin to discover how quarter note beats work with “The Muffin Man.” Each quarter note is a muffin! “Big Black Cats” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” will also aid them in learning rhythm with body percussion and instrumental percussion. “In the Hall of the Mountain King” will be listened to and talked about. And because they love it so much from last year, “We are spooky skeletons” will be played. Eighth notes will be introduced later in the month and how they are written and played.

Second grade will continue their rhythmic training in addition to singing “Mi, Sol, and La.” We’ll be playing “Down in the Valley” with a tennis ball in a circle and learn “Poor Little Kitty Cat.” The concept of timbre will be learned by the different instruments in class. They will then begin to learn notating So-Mi-La with little ghosts and play them on the boomwhackers!

Third grade will receive their recorders this month! They’re first notes will be B-A-G. Families at home - prepare for a lot of Hot Cross Buns and other easy fun tongs to play at the start of their recorder adventure. The Pentatonic scale will be talked about. After learning about the Pentatonix and voice types last month from the magazine “Music Express” the kids will get to play and understand why the Pentatonix names their vocal group after  really cool scale!

Fourth grade will also continue to learn their recorders. 6/8 time will be re-introduced and practiced as well as moderately difficult songs from our new books “Recorder Express.”

Grade five was introduced to ukulele the last week of September. C7 and F Major chords were learned. “Clementine” will be our first graded song to perform this month. Students will then experiment and create their own songs when more chords are added.


September 2016

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Lots of fun things are planned for music this year! I’ll be trying something new for ALL of the grades here at St. Chris. The kids will become even more so immersed in what’s called the Orff approach to teaching music. This method includes the great works of Kodaly and many others. I’ve always taught my classes in this style because Orff focuses on combing music, movement, drama, and speech into each lesson. This makes music more engaging, easy to learn, and downright fun!

Pre-K and Kindergarten will be ON THE FARM this month! They’ll be working on pulse, fast vs. slow, rhythmic patterns, high vs. low, same vs. different, long vs. short, and towards the end of the month; singing, beginning percussion, and musical phrasing. Let’s not forget about the wonderful repertoire they’ll be learning – favorites such as, “Old MacDonald Had  A Farm,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Hey Diddle, Diddle,” and many more!

First grade will be learning “Ta” which is a way to count a quarter note in music. They will the beginnings of how to play with mallets and boomwhackers. And of course playing and singing fun songs like “Five Little Monkeys,” “Hickory, Dickory, Dock,” and “Monkey See and Monkey Do.”

Second grade will be reviewing their “Ta” and “Ti-Ti” way or reading rhythm, but they will also be learning the pitch and hand signs for Do, Re, Mi. They will also be learning what timbre is in music (quality of sound) by playing all the different instruments. Second grade will be learning some adorable unknown folk songs as well.

Third grade will slowly begin to learn how to READ MUSIC! They will learn the pitch and hand sign for Do, Re, Mi and will learn how to read them on the staff and play them on boomwhackers. Quarter notes, eighth notes, and half notes, and whole notes will be reviewed and kids will have the chance to rapid fire in class! “A Rig-A-Jig-Jig,” “Down to the Baker’s Shop,” and “Remember Me” will be learned as well as some fun folk dance! Recorder orders will be going out very soon.

Fourth grade will be reviewing all notes and be practicing their rhythms. They will have the chance to play  “Dis Solda La” on boomwhackers , play “The Pink Panther” rhythmically and rapid fire treble cleff notes names. Recorder orders will be going out very soon for new fourth grade students.

Fifth graders will be diving into everything that they have learned in the past two years with me! They have graduated with recorder and will be moving on to even more challenging instruments. They will be playing folk songs such as “Tom Dooley,” “Shake the Papaya Down,” and “I Want to Rise.”

Sixth graders will be reviewing the FUN-damentals of music. Rhythm, pitch, and melody are familiar to them. Chord form and progressions will be introduced and a more deep understanding of the circle of fifths (touched upon last year) will be studied!


Welcome to music!


June 2016


What a year this has been; so many wonderful things learned and in such little time! As we wrap up our musical year with reviews, games, and talent shows I’d just like to say thank you again for your musical kids! We have a great time. Below I've given a little summary of what each class has learned. There is much more, but here are the bullet points.

Prek learned how to play the drums (tubanos), jingle bells, boomwhackers (without mallets), shakers, rhythm sticks, and wood blocks!

They learned theses notes:


and how to clap this:




Kindergarten learned all the instruments above plus the triangle, tamborine, and boomwhackers with mallets.

They can identify these:


and play these rhthyms:


1st & 2nd learned about music throughout the world like Jamaica, Africa, Ireland and much more! They extensively played boomwhackers with mallets and the drums.

They began to learn dynamics as well as 16th notes:








They can play these rhthyms on the drums as well







3rd & 4th graders leanred SO MUCH! They can play each of these notes:





They can play songs like,















5th & 6th made projects like these:




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