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NOID1Q02231Welcome! I hope that you're student is ready to be immersed into the world of music! Ukuleles, recorders, boomwhackers, drumming, dancing, singing, games, and theater are just some of the activities that I love to teach in class. Music is my passion and I absolutely adore sharing my love for it. The Christmas Pageants and Spring Concerts happen twice a year and showcase every grade's voice. If you have any questions, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





November 2015

November... already?!


This month; besides working on our Christmas songs for the Christmas concert, the kids and I will be digging into why we should be so thankful for music. For the 1st and 2nd graders we'll be making our very own maracas out of paper towel rolls. Pre-K and K will be showing me what kinds of notes they learn in music by drawing them. 3rd and 4th grade will be continuing their recorders. We have been working on page 6 in the books, and hopefully we'll be moving on to page 7 this month! 5th and 6th will continue learning their ukuleles. We have been practicing The song Clementine, and it is now perfect! Their next song will involve a new chord to learn, G7. As soon as they master it, we will learn the song "Love Somebody" and "Rockin' Robin" (the 6th graders have played this song and it's a favorite of Ms. Wefers!)

Christmas Concert Songs for the 2015 season!

Who Is Coming to Bethlehem?
December 10 at 10am in the Church Hall (Doors open at 9:45am)

Pre- Kindergarten:
Jingle Bells
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Here’s a Little Candle
Silent Night
1st Grade:
A Musical Manger Mystery
Baby’s Lullabye
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
2nd Grade:
A Musical Manger Mystery
Hoo, Hoo, Hoo Can it Be?
What Can We Give Him?

Let Heaven and Nature Sing
December 17 at 10am in the Church Hall (Doors open at 9:45am)

3rd Grade:
Silent Night
On This Day Earth Shall Ring
4th Grade:
The Snow Lay on the Ground
‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime
5th Grade:
We Three Kings
Joy to The World
6th Grade:
The First Noel
Oh Come All Ye Faithful



An entire month has gone by! A month of reviewing and learning music has been a blast for the kids. Almost all the grades played a board game that I created called Name that Note! Kids worked in groups of 2-3 and roll the dice. Rolling on a double eighth note or a quarter note would make them move forward one, a half note forward two, and if they were lucky to get a whole note they could move four. Then they did the same with rests! Plus if they landed on a treble cleff they got to roll again, but if they landed on a bass cleff, they lost their next turn. This taught the kids note values which lead to them reading music on the drums! My smaller friends in Pre-K and K are continuing to learn what the treble cleff, quarter, half, and whole notes look like, and even what they sound like. They even got to draw their favorite notes on the board! 3rd-6th grade composed music all this week on my dry erase music sheets and learned about Malaysian music. 1st-3rd grade learned about Africa, the kinds of drums they play, and a traditional African drum beat.

Here is what the game looks like!



For the next month all classes will begin to learn their songs for the Christmas Pageant. Each grade has two songs that they perform. I LOVE Christmas and Christmas music is my favorite, so I'm very excited to get started! Pre-K and K will learn how to feel the beat with the song "the Beat is the Heart of Music." 1st-2nd grade will practice a fun way to learn Beethoven's 5th symphony with group singing and rhythm sticks. 3rd-4th grace will learn about video game composition and create their own song and characters for the game, and as soon as we get the recorder order in, they'll begin to play those as well! 5th and 6th grade will begin the ukuleles with the song "Rockin' Robin." And let's not forget the amount of fun Halloween themed music games and songs I have up my sleeve! "We are Spooky skeletons" has been a Pre-K and K favorite in the past! I might even play is with the 1st and 2nd graders!



Happy October!

Ms. Daigle



Cantors 2015-2016

Congratulations to the NEW cantors this year! It is both bitter and sweet that 25 students auditioned to be cantors! Sweet because I am blessed to have such dedicated and excitable students and bitter because I could only pick less than half. EVERY SINGLE Student has a charming and lovely voice and it was very hard to make a final decision. In the past there have only been 8 cantors, but I had such a difficult time that I had to choose 12.

  1. Alexis D.
  2. Ana H.
  3. Cameron I.
  4. Caroline V.
  5. Emalie R.
  6. Hailey F.
  7. Krystal C.
  8. Maryfei B.
  9. Matthew N.
  10. Max C.
  11. Rachel Y.
  12. William N.
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