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Classroom News for May-June 2018

Beach-clipart-free-clipart-images-clipartcow-4It is the beautiful month of May, and we only have six more weeks of school remaining!  We will be very busy during this time with many exciting events taking place.  May is the month of our blessed mother Mary, so we will be learning about what makes her special.  We also will be participating in the upcoming May crowning ceremony at church.

Our final unit of the year will be the ocean!  This is always a favorite with the children, and it will give them exposure to everything from seashells to sharks!  I have a great shell collection which I will be sharing with the class in a couple of weeks.

In the area of math we will be covering our final chapter on time and money.  We will learn to tell time by the hour using both analog and digital clocks.  The children are doing quite well with money and counting mixed change.

Virtue is our last character trait for the year, which nicely ties together everything that we have learned thus far.  Virtue involves making good, moral choices in order to live a clean, healthy and holy life.  It should be the basis of all that we do.

There are many things going on this month, so please be sure to read the Wednesday news for dates and times, or check out the website for all needed information.

* June 8th is our last day of kindergarten.  We will be having a class beach party, and then later that morning, all parents are invited to come watch our little surprise performance.  Please mark your calendars for FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 11:30am.  There is NO AFTERCARE and the children will be dismissed at the end of our performance which will be around noon.  Please plan accordingly.

I can't believe how fast the year is wrapping up, however we still have lots of great things to experience before it all ends.  I'm looking forward to seeing you throughout the coming weeks.  Cool