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Class News April 2018

easter-clip-art-easter-religious-graphics-holy-easter-clipart-leLdu1-clipartWe have been focusing on the passion of Jesus through the Lenten season and now it is time to celebrate the joy of the resurrection and new life! HAPPY EASTER! It seems like Spring has finally arrived as plants are coming up in the school gardens and things are warming up.

This month will be short and go by quickly, due to our upcoming vacation, however we still have lots to cover in the weeks ahead.  We will finish up with the alphabet this month, so it will be time to move into word families next.  We are doing quite a bit of phonetic spelling and sentence writing using our high frequency words.  The children are doing well in applying their skills.  They are excited that I can actually read their writing and journal entries.

This month's character trait is sincerity which means that we should have transparent motives in all that we do.  We will be discussing the difference between being genuine and being fake, or doing things for selfish gain.

Soon we will begin our money unit in math.  This will invovle identifying pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and learning the values of each.  This is where all our base counting practice will pay off.  The children have had some practice already with quarters as they purchase snacks and popcorn.  We will have fun playing store and purchasing items.

I am looking forward to our new unit on honey bees.  As an assistant bee keeper, I have some knowledge and firsthand experience dealing with bees and I love sharing it all with the children.  There is a lot to learn about these sweet, little insects and I have some great activities planned that I know the children will love.

Hopefully April will end with a warm, sunny vacation week for all to enjoy! Smile