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Welcome to Kindergarten! If you have any questions or concerns, please send me in a note with your child.

I have been part of the teaching staff here at St. Chris for over 15 years and love it. I also taught for 10 years in the public school prior to coming to St. Chris. My whole career has focused on the early childhood years. I find that kindergarten is a challenging but very fun level to teach and at St. Chris I’m pleased to be able to include a spiritual component to my teaching.

Mrs. Irene Foran is the Kindergarten aide for Miss Narkis.

March Class News 2016

Rocks and Minerals!


This is our new unit for the month of March.  We will take a look at various rock and mineral samples and engage in many hands on activities involving rocks.

In math we will continue working on subtraction skills, measurement and fractions.  We will also continue working with higher numbers and place value.

The character trait for March is Forgiveness which is the perfect lead into the celebration of Easter.  We have many opportunities to forgive others and we are putting this into practice in the classroom.

It's hard to believe but we are almost at the end of the alphabet.  After we finish, we will begin word families.  The children are doing well learning their HF words and applying them to their journal writing.  They also have been helping me to write our morning note to the helper of the day.



February Class News 2016

It doesn't feel like February but it is!  We'll kick off this month celebrating Catholic Schools Week which will be a lot of fun, with many great activities planned.  I know that the children will love seeing their 5th grade buddies, and I can't wait to see their reaction to the animal presentation.

There isn't much time to this short month due to our vacation week, however I have some exciting things planned.  I just finished reading "Little House in the Big Woods" and the children enjoyed it so much, that I promised them that I would read the next book in the series entitled "Farmer Boy." One of the chapters described the time of the sugar snow refering to the maple sugaring season so... I have a spile and a sap bucket to test out on one of our giant maple trees along the back lot.  It's so warm that I figure I can get right out there now, and have a great hands-on lesson with the children!  This activity will also go along nicely with our new unit on NH and the USA.  We will conduct activities that will familiarize the children with some interesting facts about our beautiful state and major places of interest.  We will also branch out by exploring the symbols, places, historical figures and values of our country.

Number concepts and subtraction will be the math skills that will dominate our attention over the next couple of weeks.  We've had a lot of practice with addition, so we'll switch over to subtraction.

Orderliness is our new character trait which will help inspire us to be extra neat and tidy with our supplies and belongings.  Be sure to pull out this chipmunk card at home for those times when your child's playroom or bedroom needs a bit of attention! Wink

Of course Lent is early this year, which means we will also spend time learning about Christ's passion and attending stations of the cross on Fridays.  This will help prepare us for the joyous celebration of Easter next month.

We will continue adding HFW to our word bank as well as continuing with our usual lessons in reading, comprehension and reviewing elements of literary form.

Some how it seems like this is too much to do for the time that we have, but I'm sure we will accomplish a great deal in February.  With the weather continuing on its current path, I'm not too concerned about losing time off school due to snow days!


January Class News 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Smile 2016



It's time for kindergarten to launch off into space to study our solar system. This unit is truly a blast to teach, and the children are sure to enjoy exploring the different planets as well as observing my traditional rocket launch!  2015 was a big year for space exploration results, so we will be checking in with the NASA website to connect with the latest discoveries.

In math we need to continue practicing numbers beyond 20 and we will begin basic addition.  Many of our work station games will require adding which will be a fun way to apply this skill.

Our charater trait for January is generosity which involves giving of one's time and talents.  With the number of wonderful volunteers we have in our St. Chris family, generosity is modeled for the children on a daily basis!  We are surrounded by so many forms of generosity in our school, that it is almost impossible not to get swept up into being a part of it.

Our reading program will be picking up the pace with these added HFW:  they  you  of  are  that  do  one  two  three  four  five This month's focus is on finding the main idea of a story and relating cause and effect.  This years' kinders LOVE being read to, and are quite familiar with the elements of literary form.  I will begin daily readings of Little House in the Big Woods starting the first week in January.  I usually read through the first few books in this series because the children enjoy it so much!

We will be starting something new this month:  COMPUTER CLASS!  On alternating Fridays, KN will be traveling upstairs to work with Mrs. Litch in the computer lab.

Just a reminder that I will be reassessing students over the coming weeks because report cards will be going home at the end of the month.

With so many great things happening, this month will be very busy and full of excitement for learning!  Hopefully we won't have too many snow days so we can enjoy being back in school.  Laughing

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