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Welcome to Kindergarten! If you have any questions or concerns, please send me in a note with your child.

I have been part of the teaching staff here at St. Chris for over 15 years and love it. I also taught for 10 years in the public school prior to coming to St. Chris. My whole career has focused on the early childhood years. I find that kindergarten is a challenging but very fun level to teach and at St. Chris I’m pleased to be able to include a spiritual component to my teaching.

Mrs. Irene Foran is the Kindergarten aide for Miss Narkis.

December Class News 2016

Nativity-free-christmas-clipart-manger-scene-merry-christmas.bmpHAPPY DECEMBER!

We have just begun the beautiful season of Advent leading us toward the ultimate celebration of Christmas! As we light each candle of the Advent wreath, we remember Jesus as the light of the world and we mark the approaching date of His birth.  We have a gift hanging on our classroom door which will be covered with happy faces.  These happy faces represent good deeds and acts of kindness done by the children and offered as gifts for Jesus's birthday.  The children have already come up with some great ideas of things that they plan to do over the coming weeks.

Graphs and fractions will be covered this month along with reviewing numbers beyond ten.  We already keep a daily weather graph which serves as a visual recording for the children to use in making comparisons.  They can't wait to color in a red box which indicates a snowy day!  Over the last month we have been working with number combinations using unifix cubes.  This will be helpful later on when we cover basic operations.

Our journal writing is moving right along as we apply our high frequency words to our sentences.  The children are getting good at applying what we have learned so far and look forward to this activity.

This month is short and busy so please keep in mind these dates for upcoming special events:

Dec. 2  KN Christmas shopping at 11:00am in church hall

Dec. 9  Christmas tree lighting at 6:00pm out back by tree

Dec. 15  PreK-2nd Christmas Concert at 10:00am in church

Dec. 16  *No aftercare- Staff Christmas party

Dec. 20  Class Christmas party

Dec. 21  Free dress

Christmas prayer service 9:15am

Early release KN dismisses at 12:15am

*No aftercare

Dec. 22  No School - Vacation begins!

Mrs. Foran and I wish you all a meaningful and very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!!!  Smile


Learning about Native Americans!




November News 2016

Native-americans-clipart-picture_aaHappy November!  It's time to begin our new unit on Native Americans and the story of the first Thanksgiving.  This is usually an all time favorite with the children as they are challenged to imagine life without even basic modern conveniences or technology.  Through hands on props they will explore the Native's art of survival by which they used their skill and natural resourses.  We also will be going on our class fieldtrip to Beaver Brook to learn more about life in the wild. We will get to experience an authentic wigwam dwelling as part of our hike along the wooded trail!  I will be having a Native American Day in the classroom later on, which is a day involving four activities that will engage the children's interest in a fun and educational way.


This month's character trait is obedience which requires personal discipline and respect for authority.  We do discuss the exception to obedience which would apply to a wrongful command.  Obedience isn't always easy, however it provides safety and security for those under virtuous authorities.

We have spent and will continue to spend time practicing numbers up to ten and beyond.  We need to practice sequencing and valuing these numbers.  We will continue comparing groups and also finding number combinations.  These skills will lay a nice foundation for future operations.

Our reading program is moving along nicely and the children seem to enjoy our small reading group times reading our decodable readers.  Our bank of high frequency words is increasing and through daily practice, the children are showing consistency in recognizing them.

Here are some dates to keep in mind for this month:

Nov. 3  Beaver Brook Fieldtrip - Free dress - warm clothes

Nov. 4  Parent-Pizza Party Luncheon - Noon in the church hall

Nov. 9  Native American Day - Volunteers arrive at 9:00am

Nov. 11 No School - Thank you veterans!

Nov. 15  Parent teacher conferences - confirmation times will be sent to you later

Nov. 16  Picture retakes

Nov. 23 Early release 12:15am and Prayer Service at 9:15am

Nov. 24, 25 No School

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanks for all that you do, and I look forward to seeing you throughout these events. Smile

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