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April News

April Showers Bring May Flowers and our Kindergarten is buddding and blooming with new learning! Although a bit early, each student will plant a flowers and vegetables.  We will experiment with the effects of sunlight and water on plants.The class has learned with the potato plant as it grows tall and green. We turn the plant each day ad watch it reach for the sunlight! Sprouting beans in a plastic bag in a window without soil and seeing results, followed by planting is  Observing how water travels in plants with colored water and celery is an interesting process.

With the completion of the alphabet, a series of 'Word Families'will be introduced weekly.The focus is on the short vowel families and middle sounds in words. The words will be used in spelling and writing sentences. This provides challenges for all students at their level. The pieces of the puzzle are being put together and the results are amazing! They enjoy sharing their work to the class!Smile

In math, tallying and couting objects is the unit. Activites using manipulatives provide practice.

God's gift for the Spring is the lessons we will learn about. His gifts fo nature are beautiful and are forever changing.  The character trait is the Egret who teaches Virtue and Integrity by doing what is right.

Earth Day is April 22nd. Learning about  simple ways to conserve energy and recycle to help the earth helps them to pitch in! Each student will learn about their place on earth creating a booklet on earth: home, town, state and county.

It is a short month and busy with new learning experiences! Enjoy April Vacation!