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February begins with Catholic School Week. Special activities are planned each day to remind us how fortunate we are for the opportunities that students, staff and families have being membersof St. Christopher School!

February 2nd is Groundhog day. Will 'Puxatawney Phil' see his shadow? We will experiment with shadows, light and measuring.

Next we celebrate 100 Days of School...Hooray!  The countdown is on and and excitement is in the air. Learning centers revolve around 100 hands on activities. Each student is asked to bring in 100 items into school to share with the class!

President's Day is this month and introducing the concept of coins and dollars fits right in. The focus is to become familiar with coins and the value as well as the paper amounts. It helps to use money for lessons and each student is asked to bring in coins for indentifying and counting. ( the attached sheet gives amounts ) We will complete the unit with a class store and pay with correct amount of money. Shopping is a good hands on lesson and lots of learning fun!

The character trait is Virtue which means demonstrating honesty and making right choices. We will relate this to our 16th President named 'Honest Abe". The lessons in religion are about friendship and how Jesus loves each of us.

 Verbs and nouns will be introduced and are used in sentence writing and reading. Their skills continue to develop with practice.

Throughout the month the class will be working on our STEAM project for the Stem Fair in March. KB will be architects as they experiment building houses with varied materials and 3 sizes. The theme is The 3 Little Pigs. The students will begin with small structures, then medium and end with large. They will find out if the wolf can blow them down! Undecided

 Valentine's Day will be celebrated by giving Valentine cards to classmates on Wednesday, February 14th. There are 15 students inthe class. Please have your child sign his/her name on the Valentine card only...no name on the envelope. It makes delivery easier! It is also a dress down day to wear red, pink or white. A special snack will be shared enjoyed on that day!