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November begins with an educational and fun field trip to Beaver Brook where the class will learn about Native Woodland people and how they depended on the land, plants and animals to live. We will hike to a wigwam, learn about tools they made and how and what they were used for.The class will also learn games the children played. It is a perfect time of year as we learn about the early settlers and Thanksgiving. The students are so very excited...especially to ride on the bus!Smile

We continue our unit on Healthy Me unit and focuses on eating nutritious foods. Using the pyramid as a guide the class will learn about the 5 food groups. A taste test is planned from all food groups to encourage to try new foods!

Religion teaches to be Thankful to God for the bountiful gifts that we enjoy each day. The character trait is the porcupine who teaches to be Grateful. A Family Fun activity is for each student to make a 'Thankful Corn'. The class will learn share their creativity to the class and will be displayed for all to see!

The unit in math is numbers. We review numbers to 10, practice on 'tricky teens' and learn up to 30. The students will recognize and write the symbol, count with objects for hands on learning. We will learn odd and even numbers.

Journal writing has been introduced. It is the beginning to writing letter sounds, words and and simple sentence followed with illustrations. They sudents use the high frequency words into their writing. Their illustrations are so creative and they like sharing their work to the class!

The school will gather for a Thanksgiving Prayer Service on November 21st. Our class will celebrate together a Thanksgiving snack eating butter we will make and homemade corn muffins with apple cider. It is our special " Friendship Gathering"!

We Thank all our Families for your support and generosity you provide for our class and the St. Chris community.