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Fall has arrived and with it comes a beautiful time of year with brisk weather, colorful scenes and activities for all to enjoy! In our class we relate lessons to the season, nocturnal animals, pumpkins and fire safety.

The class has adjusted very well and ready to learn! Each morning we focus on phonics/language arts lessons using the Scott Foresman Reading Series. We begin with the 'Big Book' which introduces characters, settings, new words and definitions, high frequency words, and a related booklet we practice in class and should be reread and practiced at home to reinforce skills. The students faces are gleeming as they begin to read. Smile There are related books to each story which we read in small groups during learning centers.

Learning Centers have been introduced and implemented into the curriculum. It is a concept the students enjoy with 4-5 varied hands on centers with teacher directed lessons and independent acitivities. This allows for small group and individual instruction to meet the needs of each student.

The math unit this month is geometric shapes and patterns. Prepare to hear about spheres, cylinders, cubes, cones rectangular and triangular prisms as they search for them at school, home and everywhere they go !Patterns are also a favorite which are practiced with hands on lessons. It is a fun unit to practice anytime...any where!!

In science we begin 'Healthy Me' unit. Our Amazing Bodyis the start as we focus on the brain, heart,lungs and bones. We introduce the importance of excercise and healthy eating!

God Made the World Around Me is the lesson in Religion. His gifts are all around us and we are learning to take the time to look and see all the beauty of nature! The character trait is Obedience. The symbol of the chipmunk who does his best to follow rules in nature to protect himself and keep safe. An important lesson for the students to learn and follow also!

October is Fire Saftey month and the students will learn the importance of keeping safe with a visit from the Nashua Fire Fighters on Tuesday, October 10th. The Fire Fighters  will arrive with a Fire and Ladder truck which is very exciting!

We end the month on Halloween Tuesday, October 31st. Kindergarten celebrates with 'Hat Day'! Both classes parade through the school showing their creative and unique hats to all the grades! It is also a dress down day to wear orange, black and white.