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April Showers Bring May Flowers! Although a bit early, each student will plant a flower and vegtable. It is exciting to watch the seeds sprout and grow! We also have planted cut pieces of potatos and and wondering if potatoes will grow? Stay tuned until June to find out...Smile 

With the completion of the alphabet, we have begun a series of 'word families'. Word groups will be sent home to practice reading and spelling the words. The students independently are writing complete sentences with high frequency words, word families and punctuation. The pieces of the puzzle are being put together and the results are amazing! 

In math, we begin with subtraction followed by tallying. Hands on activities using manipulatives provide practice for concrete understanding.

The students learn about Jesus's journey on earth and meaning of Easter. Let us remember and give thanks for our gifts and blessings. The character trait is the Egret who teaches Virtue and demonstrates honesty and integrity by making good choices.

Earth day is April 22nd. Learning about ways to conserve energy and recyle lessons. A craft activity the students will complete is learning about their place on earth: home, town, state, country and continent.

Happy Easter and Enjoy Spring Break!