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LisaBrownWelcome to Kindergarten! Throughout my years of teaching Early Childhood, I have found that children have the excitement of learning and it is a process I truly enjoy being part of. St. Christopher's is a wonderful school and I am honored to be a teacher and a member of a great team! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mrs. Brown has had the experiences of teaching Kindergarten and Pre-K for over 20 years in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Maine.





Mrs_LagenfeldMrs. Beth Cole is the Full-Day Pre-K teacher's aide.


February begins with Catholic School Week. Special activities are planned each day to remind us how fortunate we are for the opportunities that students, staff and families have being membersof St. Christopher School!

February 2nd is Groundhog day. Will 'Puxatawney Phil' see his shadow? We will experiment with shadows, light and measuring.

Next we celebrate 100 Days of School...Hooray!  The countdown is on and and excitement is in the air. Learning centers revolve around 100 hands on activities. Each student is asked to bring in 100 items into school to share with the class!

President's Day is this month and introducing the concept of coins and dollars fits right in. The focus is to become familiar with coins and the value as well as the paper amounts. It helps to use money for lessons and each student is asked to bring in coins for indentifying and counting. ( the attached sheet gives amounts ) We will complete the unit with a class store and pay with correct amount of money. Shopping is a good hands on lesson and lots of learning fun!

The character trait is Virtue which means demonstrating honesty and making right choices. We will relate this to our 16th President named 'Honest Abe". The lessons in religion are about friendship and how Jesus loves each of us.

 Verbs and nouns will be introduced and are used in sentence writing and reading. Their skills continue to develop with practice.

Throughout the month the class will be working on our STEAM project for the Stem Fair in March. KB will be architects as they experiment building houses with varied materials and 3 sizes. The theme is The 3 Little Pigs. The students will begin with small structures, then medium and end with large. They will find out if the wolf can blow them down! Undecided

 Valentine's Day will be celebrated by giving Valentine cards to classmates on Wednesday, February 14th. There are 15 students inthe class. Please have your child sign his/her name on the Valentine card only...no name on the envelope. It makes delivery easier! It is also a dress down day to wear red, pink or white. A special snack will be shared enjoyed on that day!







January 2018


Let's welcome the New Year

 and give a great big cheer

for all the new adventures

 2018 will bring this year!



January brings winter weather and Artic Animals are fascinating to learn about and they love the cold! With the cold weather we will become Winter Weather Watchers and observe how changes in temperature creates snow, ice or rain. We will check the temperature daily and  chart and graph the results throughout the month. It is also a perfect time to introduce the science concept of liquid, solid and gas. Students will test with snow, ice and water. We will also incorporate math with Volume and Measurement by freezing an melting a variety of liquids. It truelly is the time of year for fun winter experiements!

We begin the new calendar year with the math unit of telling 'Time'. The students will practice telling time on the hour and half hour. This unit also includes the months of the year and seasons.

Computer class begins with Mrs. Litch. She will introduce basic computer skills and educational games. It is a favorite addition to the curriculum for the New Year.

Aritic animals and winter words will be used in creative writing. The students have a strong interest in writing and illustrating and having an interesting topic makes it interesting. A favorite ending to the activity is reading and showing their work. Their friends are their biggest fans!

 In religion we learn and read about the Heroes in the Bible...the followers who loved and taught about Jesus. The character trait is Orderliness. The chipmunk teaches about working neatly and keeping our belongings organized. A tricky task this time of year with all of the winter clothes!

A special thank you for your participation and generosity to the Giving Tree of hats and mittens to the Front Door Program. They were very appreciative and it made a difference to children in need. As our class patron St. Therese practiced...'Do small things with great love'. The students will learn bout St. Therese during Catholic School Week.

As we begin 2018, our class will continue to learn, grow and explore! We look foward to many new experiences together! Your support and dedication in volunteering to the class provides enrichment which they all benefit from! Best wishes of good health and happines in the New Year!









 The Holiday Season is here and a perfect time to complete our 'Healthy Me' unit with the Senses of the Season! It is a wonderful time of year to experience the many sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch during the festivities with friends! We begin with the Secret Sense Bag. Each student is asked to prepare their bag at home choosing a holiday item and write clues to read to the class for them to guess the object inside. Everyone will have fun using their senses! The students will learn through hands on science experiments with taste testing, guessing jars for smell, What's in the sock game for touch,  listening game for sound and a school scavenger hunt for sight. We celebrate the season creating a Gingerbread House using all the senses!Smile

We begin the month learning about the real meaning of Christmas and the beginning story of the Birth of Jesus and how we prepare during Advent. A candle is lit on our classroom wreath remin each week and we will focus on doing good deeds for others.

Generosity is the character trait for this month. It teaches the importance of giving to others. We will have a Giving Tree in our class and will collect childrens hats and mittens to give to the those who are less fortunate. Having your child take part in this lesson helps them to understand the meaning of giving. Thank you for your generosity!

This month in math Ten Frames is the unit. Each student will have hands on experience with math equations using ten frames to practice.

During learning centers the groups have finished the first My Skills Buddy Reading Book.They really like the Big Book as it repetitous with high frequency words put into sentences with short stories. They will begin Unit 2 and are very excited!

It is a festive and busy time of year for everyone, it helps to check the St. Christoopher newsletter or check the website for the wonderful school events that are scheduled!

Happy Holiday Season to You!




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