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LisaBrownWelcome to Kindergarten! Throughout my years of teaching Early Childhood, I have found that children have the excitement of learning and it is a process I truly enjoy being part of. St. Christopher's is a wonderful school and I am honored to be a teacher and a member of a great team! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mrs. Brown has had the experiences of teaching Kindergarten and Pre-K for over 20 years in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Maine.





Mrs_LagenfeldMrs. Beth Cole is the Full-Day Pre-K teacher's aide.


May brings excitement in KB class as the students learn about Butterflies! Live specimens of caterpillares have arrived and the students will observe the stages of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly fo the Painted Lady species. They will enjoy the butterflies and care for them until the end of the mont before a grand send off and release into the flower garden!  Insects are also a fun focus this time of year...each student will make a bug catcher and they may bring any in to share with the class!!Smile Worms will make a suprise visit as an added bonus!

The Hungry Caterpillar is a favorite book to many. At the end of the month we plan to perform a short skit and entertain Pre-K class!

The 'Bee Bot' is a computer that the students will learn to program on a floor size graph! This will be a hands on activity which is challenging and provides opportunity to incorporate both reading and math. It is an excellent learning tool which is FUN!!

The last character trait for the year is the Bee whot teaches about Sincerity and to always work hard to "Be the Best You Can Be! A goal for students to always strive for!

The math unit focuses on Measurement which includes size, length, weight and volume. Word problems are also introduced to learn the process of writing a math sentence and solving the equation with addition and subtraction.

May is the month to honor our heavenly 'Blessed Mother Mary' with prayer saying the Rosary. The school joins together for the May Crowning on May 18th in a procession and prayer led by the 6th grade class. 

KB will celebrate Mothers on Friday, May 11th with a Mothers Day Tea! Moms will be pampered with specialty teas and treats. The class has been working on a couple surprises and are excited to share their talents! It is a dress up day for the class.

The last day of Kindergarten is Friday, June 8th. KB will celebrate with Game Day with our 4th grade Buddies! We invite you for end of the year get together at 11:45 for Popsicles with Parents...siblings welcome too followed by dismissal at noon for Summer and Fun in Sun!Cool 

We welcome Mrs. Nancy Garceau to KB Kindergarten for the remainder of the school year. She has been with St. Christopher School for 7 years with much experience with PreK and K. Nancy is happy to be with us and we are happy to have her too!


April News

April Showers Bring May Flowers and our Kindergarten is buddding and blooming with new learning! Although a bit early, each student will plant a flowers and vegetables.  We will experiment with the effects of sunlight and water on plants.The class has learned with the potato plant as it grows tall and green. We turn the plant each day ad watch it reach for the sunlight! Sprouting beans in a plastic bag in a window without soil and seeing results, followed by planting is  Observing how water travels in plants with colored water and celery is an interesting process.

With the completion of the alphabet, a series of 'Word Families'will be introduced weekly.The focus is on the short vowel families and middle sounds in words. The words will be used in spelling and writing sentences. This provides challenges for all students at their level. The pieces of the puzzle are being put together and the results are amazing! They enjoy sharing their work to the class!Smile

In math, tallying and couting objects is the unit. Activites using manipulatives provide practice.

God's gift for the Spring is the lessons we will learn about. His gifts fo nature are beautiful and are forever changing.  The character trait is the Egret who teaches Virtue and Integrity by doing what is right.

Earth Day is April 22nd. Learning about  simple ways to conserve energy and recycle to help the earth helps them to pitch in! Each student will learn about their place on earth creating a booklet on earth: home, town, state and county.

It is a short month and busy with new learning experiences! Enjoy April Vacation!




March 'comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb! Spring weather begins and March is known as a windy month. Our class will experiment with the wind outside and in the class with varied objects of weight and size and strengths of wind! It is especially exciting on a windy, blustery day!Smile

Force, Motion and Gravity is the science topic for the month. The students will explore ramps, speed, and distance with varied size and weight of vehicles. A fun experiment is planned with Mr. Egg as he travels down the ramp..what will happen and what are the results? Stay tuned for results!! A bowling contest is also a lesson for force and motion!

Dr. Seuss is celebrated throughout the month reading his whimsical tales and rhymes. Each student will become an author and illustrator creating a rhyming book. This introduces the 'word families' and provides practice with sentences and creativity!

Addition and Subtraction is the math unit. We begin with addition and practice with hands on activites up to 10 for a couple weeks followed by subtration. Many hands on acitivites and games help to reinforce skills.  IXL is suggested to practice at home!

We prepare for the Easter celebration each day as we learn and practice the teachings of Jesus. We join together as a school each Friday and participate in the Stations of the Cross during Lent. The character trait is the Lamb who represent "Forgiveness'. Children young and innocent in their hearts forgive and move forward with friends. It is an important trait to practice throughout life.

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th. The school celebrates on Friday, March 16th wearing green and white and beginning the day with mass. Our class with enjoy a green snack and learn to dance the 'jig'!

Easter is Sunday April 1st. No school on Good Friday or Monday, April 2nd. May you enjoy this joyous Holiday with Family and Friends.

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