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6 W March News

6W March News

I  hope you  enjoyed a wonderful winter break.  We are all looking forward to some better weather as we get closer to spring.
March is a month of special events at St. Christopher School.  We are looking forward to some guest speakers who will join us for STEM Day and the Stem Fair later that night on March 15th.

The sixth grade will present their Sixty Minute Junk Castles made from recycled materials brought in from home.  Students worked in teams of two or three and tried to recreate a European castle built in the Middle Ages.  This activity also kicked off our social studies unit on Europe . The research projects on a European country will also be displayed with the castles on that night.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of 6W, so we are extra excited to celebrate the school Mass and Green and White Day on St. Patrick’s iDay!  Our class is collecting juice boxes for the school Lenten Food Drive.  We are working on a special unit on Holy Week during this month,too.
The class is currently working on an art activity in literature class.  They are creating a paper jigsaw puzzle to showcase the mystery book that they read at home last month.  The genre for the March book is non-fiction.  Students will choose a book on an historical event to read during our Silent Reading time in class and at home.

Grade Five Social Studies is continuing their unit on Colonial America.  Their beautiful state posters will be on display in the hallway this month.

Please remind the students to keep practicing those spelling lists at home by going to spellingcity.com. I hope to see many parents at the auction on March 24th. It should be another great night.  You are going to love the sixth grade project for the live auction!