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Grade 6 - Miss Wefers


Welcome to Sixth Grade! I'm looking forward to my 35th sixth grade class! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I teach social studies to the fifth and sixth grades at St. Christopher. I love history, current events, and the Boston Red Sox!

Welcome Back

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to 6W. I am looking forward to meeting you all on Meet the Teacher Day.

We have many new adventures to look forward to this year.  Sixth grade is always an exciting year at St. Christopher School.

First there is the challenge of the many new things to be learned. We even have brand new Social Studies books for our study of World Regions.  Our Religion classes will focus on the Old Testament.  Great works of literature will be read in class and at home.  The spelling program that is used throughout the school continues in Grade Six.

Sixth graders assume many responsibilities of service to our school.  Everyone has the opportunity to participate.

There are many activities offered all year long to enrich the student's experience at school.  I hope you will check them out and consider participating in some of them.

I know we are going to have a great time together this year.  It has been a wonderful summer, and now it is time to get back to work.  When the year is over, we will have much to celebrate!

Enjoy these last few days of vacation.  The Red Sox are in first place, so you have a very happy teacher waiting to see you all!


Miss Wefers


Classroom Visitors Enrich Our Programs

The first marking period has ended, and we now have ten weeks of new knowledge stored in our brains! Some recent topics in our classes have been Ancient Greece, order of operations, computer keyboard, oceanography, grammar and vocabulary, Spanish holiday words, a class musical, and biographies.

Soon we will begin our study of Ancient Rome, the Jesse Tree, and Christmas Around the World.  Round One of the Social Studies Jeopardy Tournament will be held Thanksgiving week.

Student Council elections were held on the actual Election Day in New Hampshire.  Fourteen students from Grades Five and Six were elected to serve on the St. Christopher School Student Council.  The group works to promote spirit and service to the school, St. Christopher Church, and the local community.

Two distinguished guests visited our classroom before the elections.  Mayor Lozeau of Nashua read to the class from a book on King Tut.  She also spoke about some of her experiences as mayor, the path she took to get there, and some very interesting trivia about the city. Sean McDonald, Channel 9 news anchor and reporter spoke to the sixth grade about this election, past elections, and the in-and-outs of working in television news.  We learned he has been lucky enough to meet and interview some very famous people.  Thank you to Dave and Kathy Moraros for arranging these visits.

We were happy to see some old friends from St. Christopher School Class of 2009 who came to speak about their school.  It was wonderful to see them again.  We have lots of work to do this year, but then it will be on to junior high school.

Until then we look forward to many more exciting events at St. Christopher School... Christmas shopping, the Christmas Pageant, Fine Arts Christmas Program, CYO girls' basketball, Christmas Jeopardy, and Christmas Around the World.  We hope they will be as much fun as our field trip to the Boston Museum of Science, our musical presentation of "Joust", and our Halloween party.  Many thanks to the Curran family for our trip and to all the 6W parents for the Halloween treats.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Wefers


Welcome Back 6th Grade Students

Welcome back to all our 6th grade students -- we are excited to begin the new year and hope that you are too! As 6th graders, you have a huge responsibility to our school. From the Pre-K students up to your fellow classmates, you are seen as role models. As with any role models, we expect that you will demonstrate positive behavior and show the younger students what is expected at St. Christopher School. It’s an important task; one I know you are all capable of achieving! We look forward to watching you grow and mature during your final year at St. Christopher School. You will be amazed at how quickly this year will go by, and we hope that you will look back on your years at St. Chris with fondness.