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Welcome to Sixth Grade! I'm looking forward to my 35th sixth grade class! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I teach social studies to the fifth and sixth grades at St. Christopher. I love history, current events, and the Boston Red Sox!

May News

Tis the month of our Mother!  This month we honor our Blessed Mother in several ways.  Each morning a class will process through the halls carrying a statue of Mary singing Immaculate Mary and delivering the statue to an assigned classroom.  6W will start this second year tradition and deliver the statue to our Buddy Class, 1A.  We will sing the song again with our little buddies and pray the Hail Mary with them.

Our entire school will join with all of the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Manchester on May 16th at the Fisher Cat Stadium in Manchester to consecrate our schools to the Blessed Mother.  Over six thousand students, teachers, and staff will be in attendance for the ceremony that will be led by the Bishop of Manchester and our Superintendent of Schools.  All of our fifth and sixth grade girls will be part of the procession to crown the statue of Mary.  Each girl wrote an essay on the importance of Mary in their lives.  We are proud to say that two 6W students received certificates of recognition for their essays.

On May 19th the entire sixth grade will lead St. Christopher School in a procession to the church for a prayer service to crown a statue of Mary.  Two students were chosen to lead the class in this ceremony.  Polina was chosen by her classmates to crown the statue, and Matthew was chosen to carry the crown.  Sixth graders will do the readings at this service and will process to the altar to place carnations at the foot of the statue.  Several students will lead each class into the church with signs noting a title of the Blessed Mother.  Children will place their intentions in a basket below the statue as they enter the church.

Following the May Crowning the student body will be seated for a short ceremony for Memorial Day.  Sixth grade Student Council members and some Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will conduct this service.  Thank you to Ms. Bedard to preparing the scouts for their part in the ceremony.

It will be a busy month in Social Studies Class for both Grade Five and Grade 6.  Fifth grade students will be studying the American Revolution.  They will complete a project at home to create a Colonial Era landmark.  This project always results in some amazing replicas of places like the Washington Monument, the White House, the Liberty Bell, the Bunker Hill Monument, Independence Hall, the Old North Church, the Betsy Ross House, the Boston Tea Party Ship, and many more!

Grade Six will be studying World War I, World War II, and the creation of the United Nations this month.  They will also interview a veteran or currently serving member of the military and report their findings to the class.   This activity has resulted in some amazing stories and interesting treasures in the past.  The students will also complete their final research project of the year.  This project will be an oral presentation sharing facts and pictures of a country in Asia, Africa, and Australia.

This exciting month ends with our annual field trips to the Ecotarium in Worcester, Massachusetts, Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, and Science Day at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire.  The students have worked hard all year for this treat!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Mary Lou Wefers


6W March News

I hope everyone had a wonderful vacation and is ready for a busy month.

We are now in the liturgical season of Lent.  Our class will prepare for Easter with a special unit in religion class and attending the Stations of the Cross every Friday.

Grade Six Social Studies classes are studying Europe this month.  Students will participate in a project done in teams of two or three working together at school to construct a European castle. They will have 60 minutes to create this castle from recycled materials brought from home.

Grade Five Social Studies classes have begun a unit on the colonization of America.  After seeing the finished Grade 6 junk projects and assisting the sixth graders on their second day of the project.  The fifth grade students will create some historical Colonial landmarks later this spring.

This month's genre for the March book report is a non-fiction historical event.  There will be an activity to complete in school at the end of the month.

Please continue to have students practice their spelling list words in preparation for the weekly test on Fridays.  Logging on to spellingcity.com is an excellent way to study for these tests.

Good luck to the St. Christopher basketball teams when they compete in the regionals in Connecticut later this month.  Go, Go, Go, Huskies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope to see many of you at the auction this weekend!

Mary Lou Wefers


February News

Happy Catholic Schools Week!!  Thank you to the faculty committee that worked so hard planning all of the special events for this week.  Students and teachers alike just love this week!

February means that the final project for the social studies research assignments will be finished by February 23rd.  Grade Five students will organize their state information and put it on a poster to be shown to the class.  Grade Six will present their research in the form of an ABC book on their chosen European country.  I cannot wait to see the results.  The posters will be displayed in the hallway outside of 6W.  The ABC books will be displayed in our school library over the coming weeks.

Grade Five Social Studies classes will be studying the Colonization of America this month.  Grade Six Social Studies classes will begin the unit on Europe.

Happy February Vacation!

Mary Lou Wefers

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