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Welcome to Sixth Grade! I'm looking forward to my 35th sixth grade class! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I teach social studies to the fifth and sixth grades at St. Christopher. I love history, current events, and the Boston Red Sox!

January News

Happy New Year to all!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas with their families.  We were blessed to have such a nice, long vacation.

The month of January will be a very busy one.  Students should be back on a regular homework schedule.  We are almost at the half way mark!

Grade Six Social Studies classes will begin a unit on Canada.  They will also begin their research project on a European country.  This work will be completed at home.  It will be assigned in three stages.  The first step is to find 20 topics to research.  The list is due on January 10th.  The second step will be to complete the research, and the third step is the project itself.  Detailed directions will be sent home for each of these steps.

Grade Five Social Studies has returned to studying the Thirteen Original Colonies after taking a break for the Christmas in America unit.  These students will also begin working on the three steps to finish a research project on their chosen state.  The first step is to find 20 topics to research.  This list is also due on January 10th.  The second step will also be the research and the final step is the finished project.  Directions to each of the final steps will be sent home for a parent signature.

6W Literature class will be reading the Newbery Honor Book My Side of the Mountain in class this month and completing several writing and art activities to go along with the book.  Students have each chosen a classic of children's literature to be read at home and at school this month.  The book report will be done in class at the end of the month.

Our study of the Old Testament continues in our religion class.  We are back to our regular program after taking time to focus on Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany.

Please remind your student that each week's written spelling lesson is due on Thursday.  The test is given every Friday.  Students can practice the words at home by going to spellingcity.com.

We are all excited for Catholic Schools Week at the end of this month.  A list of the special activities will be sent home soon.

Thank you so much for all the treats that you sent in for our Christmas party, the crafts set up for the students, and all of the thoughtful Christmas presents.  I am excited to finish the year with the Class of 2018!



6W December News

We welcome the season of Advent with the arrival of our Jesse Trees on December 1st. Our classroom will be transformed into a beautiful forest of Christmas trees. Each student decorated a tree of ornaments that depict the symbols and names of several people from the family tree of Jesus. This is an annual religion prFullSizeRender_128oject done at home together with family members.

This month is filled with special activities to celebrate the Christmas season. Students will shop for gifts for their families at a workshop set up in the church hall. Thank you to all the elves who work behind the scenes all year to make this a student favorite.

Several area priests will join Father Kelley for a reconciliation service in the church. Our friends in 6E will lead the school in a Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. We will join Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 in a Christmas Concert planned by Ms. Daigle. Beautiful voices practicing the beloved Christmas carols can be heard in the hallways every day. Grade 6 will play the parts in the Nativity story throughout the concert. Members of the bands, chorus, and Fiddle Squads are also practicing their Christmas music for their performance that will be next month.

We will carry out a Christmas theme is some of our classes, too. Grade Five Social Studies classes will complete a unit on Christmas in America. Grade Six Social Studies classes will work on a unit about Christmas Around the World.These classes will cover the history of customs and traditions. Students will create posters in class that will show some of the literature, art, music, and celebrations that have become tradition in the United States and around the world. Grade 6 students will also research the customs of their project country in Europe and write a short paper to share what they have learned with the class.

There will not be an assigned book to be read outside of class this month. We will use the many Christmas books from my collection for literature in class this month.

Please continue to have your children practice the weekly spelling list by going to spellingcity.com. The list is under Melissa Emond's name

Our Christmas party will be held in the classroom on December 20th. The students who were not on the Halloween party committee have signed up to bring in treats for this party. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful treats for that party and this one, too.

6W is anxiously awaiting the arrival of letters from our pen pals in London. I am told that they have been posted!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Happy New Year, too!!!!

Mary Lou Wefers




September News

We are ready to begin another wonderful year at St. Christopher School.  This will be a very special one for the Class of 2018!  They will be the leaders of the school, and we know that we can count on them to be role models for the younger students, help with many tasks to keep things running smoothly, and to work and study hard in the new year ahead.

I am so excited to meet my new 6W homeroom!  I know the returning students will help me welcome the new students joining us this year.  The first three days will be an orientation.  Students will meet the teachers, learn their expectations, and participate in activities that introduce the curriculum for each subject.

Sixth grade homeroom subjects are religion, literature, and spelling.  Outlines for these classes will be given out at Parent Information Night.

Grade Six Social Studies is the history and geography of the United States, Canada, Europe, and North Africa.  Grade Five Social Studies is the history and geography of the United States.  Parents will be given outlines for these classes on Parent Information Night.

I look forward to meeting students and parents on Meet the Teacher Day.  It has been a great summer. Now it is time to go,go,go...back to school!

Mary Lou Wefers

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