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Welcome to Sixth Grade! I'm looking forward to my 35th sixth grade class! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I teach social studies to the fifth and sixth grades at St. Christopher. I love history, current events, and the Boston Red Sox!

6W October News

Happy Fall to all!  We are off to a wonderful start of the new school year.  I am so happy to be back to school with your children and to have the opportunity to welcome some new students to St. Christopher, too!

Students in Grade Six Social Studies are hard at work beginning our study of world history and geography.  They have chosen a European country to research for several activities this semester.  Directions for our first activity will be sent home for parent signatures next week.  Jeopardy tryouts for our year long competition will end next week.  An outline for class expectations was sent home for you on Parent Information Night.  Students will have an opportunity to run for Student Council during the last week of October.

Students in Grade Five Social Studies are currently studying the history and geography of the United States.  Each student chose a state to research for several activities during the first semester.  Since there are fifty students in Grade Five, we've got the whole country covered!  Students will participate in Student Council elections during the last week in October.  Four students from each homeroom will be elected on Election Day in November.

October is the Month of the Holy Rosary, and we will be completing several activities in religion class to celebrate this special time.  We are also looking forward to hearing about Father Kelley's trip to Washington to see Pope Francis.  Our religion class will focus on the Books of the Bible with an emphasis on the Book of Genesis this month.

Please remind your students to practice their list words for each spelling lesson on spellingcity.com.  Each week we will complete the lesson and correct it on Thursday.  The test will be every Friday.

Students completed several activities associated with their summer reading book, The Fighting Ground, by children's author Avi in September. They chose another book by Avi for their September book report, and we will be completing them in class this week.  The October book is a biography or autobiography.  All book report activities will be done in class this year.

I am looking forward to joining my co-workers from St. Christopher and all of the diocesan schools this Friday.  After the inspiring visit by Pope Francis last week, I am thinking it will be extra special this year.

Enjoy the beautiful fall season ahead.  I am hoping for a much better season next year for my beloved Red Sox.  In the meantime, I will enjoy watching the Patriots!

Miss Wefers


Fall News

We are studying the Old Testament in Grade Six Religion. 6W did a fantastic job preparing the mass on September 11th.

Students can practice their weekly spelling lists at home on spellingcity.com.  The weekly lists are under Melissa Emond's name.  The written lesson is due every Thursday.  Spelling tests are on Friday.  Tests will be written or on the iPad.

Students were asked to choose a book written by the children's author Avi to read during the month of September.  A written report on the book will be completed in class during the first week of October.  The October book will be a biography or autobiography.  We have many fine choices in the school library.  The book should be teacher approved by October 9th.  We will continue to read the stories in our literature book and in the news magazine Time For Kids.  Vocabulary and comprehension sheets are used to practice reading skills.  The ENO board is a great enrichment tool for our literature class.

Grade Five Social Studies classes have completed the geography unit and will now focus on Native Americans.  Students will be assigned their first activity on the state they have chosen to research this year.

Grade Six Social Studies classes continue to study world geography and will move on to world patterns of life in the next few weeks.  This will be followed by a unit on the United States and Canada.  Sixth grade students will also begin their first research activity for the European country that they have chosen to study for the first semester of the school year.

Enjoy the wonders of this beautiful fall season!!

Mary Lou Wefers


6W June News


Graduation Day is almost here!  The Class of 2015 has worked so hard, and I will miss every one of them.

We celebrated with some very special events.  Molly and Claire led the whole school at our annual May Procession to honor the Blessed Mother.  The sixth grade members of the Student Council, Sam, Molly, Grace S., Luke M., Luke V., Kaylie, Reilly, Aidan, and Matt participated in a ceremony for Memorial Day.  Evangeline added a very special poem, and Boy Scout Brandon served as the flag bearer.  Thank you to Mrs. Nissen, who provided the music, and all of the teachers, staff, and students who participated.  Special thanks go to Father Kelley for leading us in a decade of the Rosary.

Last week the sixth grade left the building to   visit the Ecotarium in Worcester, Science Day at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, and Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge.  We had a great time, and this year the weather cooperated, too!  Thank you to all of the parents and our Adopt-a-Religious, Father Brian, for chaperoning the trips.

There are just a few more things that we have to finish up before we say goodbye.  Grade Six will be presenting their oral reports on the country they have been researching this semester.  One more book report will be completed in school.  The Jeopardy Grand Champion will be chosen in the final game.  We will be planning and practicing for our Promotion Ceremony.

Everyone is excited for the special events during the last week of school.  We will go to a Silver Knights baseball game at Holman Stadium with the whole school.  Our class will have a special retreat in school.  Mr. Brian Flaherty, the Campus Minister, will join us for this day.  Snack and lunch will be provided, and this will be a free dress day.  Sixth grade parents will join the class for a luncheon and presentation of awards.  Students can leave with their parents.

Students should be at the school lobby by 6:30 PM on Friday, June 12th.  We will assemble in front of the church for the official class picture.  Parents are welcome to come outside to take pictures at this time.  If it rains, the picture will be taken in the school.

The hallway of our wing is full of some amazing projects that were done by Grade Five.  Each student built a structure from Colonial Boston or Colonial Philadelphia.  Great job, Grade Five.  You are ready to move up to be the leaders of our student body in September!!

I am looking forward to seeing parents, family, and friends of our graduates in the coming days, and I wish you all a wonderful summer!

Mary Lou Wefers



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