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Welcome to Sixth Grade! I'm looking forward to my 35th sixth grade class! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I teach social studies to the fifth and sixth grades at St. Christopher. I love history, current events, and the Boston Red Sox!

6W October News

The first month of school was a big success!  Students are working hard.  There are lots of smiles.  The Class of 2017 have taken to their leadership role in our school, and the Class of 2018 is adjusting well to their new program.

Both grades completed a unit on Election 2016 last week.  I loved all their posters on the Electoral College's Magic Number of 270, the number of votes the winning candidate will need to become the next President of the United States. There will be more activities on the election in the first week of November.  We will also prepare for the Student Council Election on November 8th during that week.  A mock election for President of the United States will also be held on Election Day.

Grade Six Social Studies classes have started a study of World Patterns of Life.  This includes a unit on populations and settlement, cultures and societies, world regions, and world currencies. We will move on to a study of those areas as they specifically apply to the United States and Canada.  Students will also complete a map activity for the European country that they have chosen to study this semester.  Directions will be sent home for a parent or guardian signature when this is assigned later this month.

Grade Five Social Studies classes are continuing to study the geography of the United States.  When this chapter has been completed, we will move on to a unit on Native Americans.  This class will also complete a map activity on the state that they have chosen to do research on this year.  Directions will be sent home for a parent or guardian signature when this is assigned later this month.

October is the month of the Holy Rosary.  We began our unit today.  When this is finished, we will return to our study of the Old Testament in Grade Six Religion.

Today we began book reports on the Avi books that were read in September.  This is a written report, and it will be done in school.  Students are reading a realistic fiction book during October.  We will do the report for this book on November 1st.  This report will also be done in school.  It will not be a written report, but the details will be revealed on that day.  Stay tuned!  We will continue to read stories from our literature book and articles from the news magazine Time for Kids.  Students will complete comprehension packets for both of these sources.  We have a silent reading period every day after lunch for fifteen minutes.  Students are encouraged to read their assigned book report book every night.

Students complete the written spelling lesson in the time before school each day.  We correct the lesson together on Thursday morning, so anything that is still not completed becomes homework on Wednesday night.  The test is given every Friday.  Students can practice the words during the week by going to spellingcity.com.  The list can be found under Melissa Emond's name.

6W will have a Halloween party on the Friday afternoon before the big day.  Half the class will sign up for treats for this party, and the other half will bring them in for the Christmas party.  The excitement is already in the air!!

Wishing you all the beauty of fall that comes to New Hampshire in October. Hope to see many of you on Vocation Day!

Mary Lou Wefers


6W September News

Our new school year is off to a wonderful beginning.  It was so nice to meet so many parents at Meet the Teacher Day and Parent Information Night.

We have had three Masses to celebrate Back-to-School.  We attended the Three School Mass at Nashua Catholic.  Kate, Matt, and Mrs. Clarke represented our school at this first- ever celebration.  6W planned our St.  Christopher School Mass and many students attended the Back – to- Church/Back-to-School Mass on Sunday.  What a great way to begin our new school year!

Both social studies classes are underway.  We have begun with a review of social studies skills.  Grade Five will study the history and geography of the United States.  Grade Six will study the history and geography of World Regions.  Students will keep a notebook for vocabulary and Q and A.  They will      practice skills in a workbook that goes with their text books.  The ENO board will be used for enrichment purposes.  Students will each choose a state or a country for research activities to be completed throughout the school year.  The Election of 2016 will be studied by both grades.

Grade Six Religion is a study of the Old Testament.  There will be some special projects for enrichment that will be done at home or school.  Planning Masses and prayer services are also part of our religion program.

Grade Six Literature began with several activities for our summer reading book, The Fighting Ground.  Students will choose another book by the author Avi to read at home this month.  All book reports are done in class this year.  Vocabulary and comprehension sheets are used to practice reading skills needed for the stories in our literature book and Time For Kids magazine.

Each week students will complete one lesson in their spelling series.  The written lesson is due every Thursday.  A test is given every Friday.  Students can practice their weekly spelling list at home on www.spellingcity.com.  The weekly lists are under Melissa Emond’s name.

It should be a very exciting year ahead!  Enjoy the beauty of the fall season!

Mary Lou Wefers


June News


The sixth grade returned to school after the Memorial Day Weekend ready to begin all of the celebrations for the Class of 2016.  It has been a wonderful year of learning and fun.

On Tuesday we visited the Ecotarium in Worcester.  Students viewed indoor and outdoor exhibits and participated in their own class and capture of bugs from the meadow and forest!

On Wednesday the class came to my hometown of Salem, New Hampshire for some whirling and twirling at Canobie Lake Park's Science Day.  They got to experience the effects of force and motion that they learned about in Mrs. Mitchell's class first-hand!

Thursday was our annual trip to the 19th Century New England village at Sturbridge.  Students captured photos of places on their lists in a scavenger hunt prepared at school.

Our end of the year liturgy on Friday was prepared by 4D.  It was the last time this school would go to a school Mass with the rest of the student body.  The class also finished presenting their interviews with a veteran or active-duty military member.  They uncovered some very interesting tales.  Thank you to all those who agreed to be interviewed.  Special thanks for the advice that was given to the students about the option of military service, the value of hard work, and love for our country.

This week promises to be just as exciting and fun-filled.  We will practice for graduation and finish the social studies presentations. Senora B has a special Fiesta planned for Monday afternoon. Tuesday we walk to Holman Stadium with the whole school to watch a Silver Knights baseball game.  Wednesday is our Grade 6 Retreat.  We have some special guests, our own prayer service, and some surprise activities to celebrate the friendships formed at St. Christopher School.  Snack and lunch will be provided.  Thursday morning will be spent signing yearbooks and visiting with friends.  Parents and guardians have been invited to a luncheon with the graduates and staff at noon.  It will be over at 1:30PM, and the graduates will leave for the last time then.

Our Promotion Ceremony is at 7PM on Friday.  Students need to be in the school lobby at 6:30.  We will assemble in front of the church for a class picture before the Mass in the church.  All are welcome!

It has been a great school year.  Thank you for all of your support throughout the year.  Your children are truly 6Wonderful!  I will miss them so much.

Happy Summer!!!

Miss Wefers


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