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Welcome to Sixth Grade! I'm looking forward to my 35th sixth grade class! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I teach social studies to the fifth and sixth grades at St. Christopher. I love history, current events, and the Boston Red Sox!

December News

The 6W classroom has been transformed into a beautiful Christmas forest of Jesse Trees!  Each student decorated a tree with symbols of our ancestors in faith.  These Advent projects were completed at home with help from family members.  There are even some ornaments saved from siblings who once did this same traditional project!  We have completed several other Advent activities in our religion class, too.

This month we are studying about Christmas in Social Studies, too.  Grade Five Social Studies students are learning about the history, music, art, and literature of Christmas in America.  Stay tuned for some beautiful posters that highlight some of the topics covered in this unit!  Grade Six Social Studies has been studying Christmas customs from around the world, with a special focus on the European country each student has chosen to research this semester.  Students are working on posters that illustrate some of the material in this Christmas Around the World unit.  They are also writing a short paper about customs in their project country.

We did not have an assigned book to read this month, but instead read selections from my collection of Christmas books in my classroom library.

Spelling book work is due every Thursday.  The weekly tests are given every Friday.  There will not be a new lesson the last week of school.

The new Student Council members are off to a great start.  They have helped with two projects for St. Christopher Church, helped to pack the van that picked up the Christmas Shoeboxes, and assisted Mrs. Clarke every day with the morning announcements.

Grade Six students are excited to have the starring roles in the Christmas Pageant portion of the Christmas Concert prepared by Ms. Daigle.  It will be such a wonderful part of our preparation for Christmas Day.  Our classmates in 6E are preparing the Christmas Prayer Service for the last day of school.  It will be a wonderful way to end our school days for the year 2016!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Happy Vacation, too!


November Newsletter

It is hard to believe that the first making period is coming to an end this week.  Report cards will be given out on November 10th.

This month we will celebrate many special events.

We attended a school Mass on November 1st to celebrate All Saints’ Day.

Today our classroom prayers were offered in remembrance of our family and friends who have died, since today is All Souls’ Day.

November 8th is Election Day, and this is a very big day in 6W.  Our classroom will serve as the polling place for all fifth and sixth graders for a mock election for President of the United States and the St. Christopher School Student Council.  Good luck to all of our candidates!  Each student made a campaign poster and wrote and delivered a speech in order to get their name of the ballot.

Veterans’ Day will be celebrated at school on November 10th, because there is no school on November 11th.  The Student Council will lead the school in a short ceremony over the intercom.  The fifth and sixth grade Social Studies classes will be devoted to a history of this important day.  Thank you to all who have served our nation.  Thank you to all who are currently on active duty today.  6W has adopted a former 6W student serving overseas in the US Navy aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.  We will be writing to Michael throughout the year, praying for his safety, and waiting for a visit from him when he returns home.

In Religion Class we are continuing our study of the Old Testament.  Directions for a special family Christmas project, the Jesse Tree, will be sent home for a signature soon.  Our classroom will be transformed into a beautiful forest in December.  Trees will be decorated with the symbols for the people found on the family tree of Jesus.

Please remind your students that the written spelling lesson is due every Thursday.  The spelling test is given on Friday of each week.  Students can practice the list words at home by logging on to spellingcity.com and clicking on Melissa Emond’s name.

Other important dates to remember are November 15th, Parent Conferences, November 19th, Pancake Breakfast, November 22nd, Barnes and Noble Night, and November 23rd, Early Release Day for Thanksgiving Recess.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving with your families.  Happy Vacation, too!

Mary Lou Wefers


6W October News

The first month of school was a big success!  Students are working hard.  There are lots of smiles.  The Class of 2017 have taken to their leadership role in our school, and the Class of 2018 is adjusting well to their new program.

Both grades completed a unit on Election 2016 last week.  I loved all their posters on the Electoral College's Magic Number of 270, the number of votes the winning candidate will need to become the next President of the United States. There will be more activities on the election in the first week of November.  We will also prepare for the Student Council Election on November 8th during that week.  A mock election for President of the United States will also be held on Election Day.

Grade Six Social Studies classes have started a study of World Patterns of Life.  This includes a unit on populations and settlement, cultures and societies, world regions, and world currencies. We will move on to a study of those areas as they specifically apply to the United States and Canada.  Students will also complete a map activity for the European country that they have chosen to study this semester.  Directions will be sent home for a parent or guardian signature when this is assigned later this month.

Grade Five Social Studies classes are continuing to study the geography of the United States.  When this chapter has been completed, we will move on to a unit on Native Americans.  This class will also complete a map activity on the state that they have chosen to do research on this year.  Directions will be sent home for a parent or guardian signature when this is assigned later this month.

October is the month of the Holy Rosary.  We began our unit today.  When this is finished, we will return to our study of the Old Testament in Grade Six Religion.

Today we began book reports on the Avi books that were read in September.  This is a written report, and it will be done in school.  Students are reading a realistic fiction book during October.  We will do the report for this book on November 1st.  This report will also be done in school.  It will not be a written report, but the details will be revealed on that day.  Stay tuned!  We will continue to read stories from our literature book and articles from the news magazine Time for Kids.  Students will complete comprehension packets for both of these sources.  We have a silent reading period every day after lunch for fifteen minutes.  Students are encouraged to read their assigned book report book every night.

Students complete the written spelling lesson in the time before school each day.  We correct the lesson together on Thursday morning, so anything that is still not completed becomes homework on Wednesday night.  The test is given every Friday.  Students can practice the words during the week by going to spellingcity.com.  The list can be found under Melissa Emond's name.

6W will have a Halloween party on the Friday afternoon before the big day.  Half the class will sign up for treats for this party, and the other half will bring them in for the Christmas party.  The excitement is already in the air!!

Wishing you all the beauty of fall that comes to New Hampshire in October. Hope to see many of you on Vocation Day!

Mary Lou Wefers

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