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June News

Wow!  It’s the end of the year.  I can hardly believe it.  There are still several important events coming up for the sixth grade.

Tuesday, May 29th, the sixth grade is headed to the beach.  We are going to the Seacoast Science Center.  Wednesday, May 30th, we are going to Canobie Lake Park to their Science Day.  Thursday, May 31st, and will take a trip back in time to history in action at Old Sturbridge Village.  These trips take a village to pull off.   Many thanks to our parent/grandparent volunteers.

Wednesday, June 6th, the sixth grade has their retreat.  Thursday, June 7th, we have the sixth grade luncheon.  The sixth grade will go home following the luncheon.  Friday, June 8th, the sixth grade should arrive at school at 6:30 PM.  We will take the sixth grade picture on the church steps.  Our promotion ceremony Mass starts at 7:00 PM.

We will finish the religion text with the creation of the modern church.  We have Mass on Friday, June 1st.

The last spelling test will take place this Friday.  It will be lesson 34 and 35.  Use www.spellingcity.com, to freshen up the study skills.

In Literature, we will complete and share our storybooks with our buddy class.  The sixth grade has worked really hard on them.  We’ve had a great time being authors.

In Math the sixth grade is working on the final chapters of the text.  We are learning formulas for surface area, circumference, area of a circle, and volume.  Continued practice on ixl.com is always recommended.

The fifth grade is working on the coordinate plane.  They have had a great time with integers, algebraic equations, and function tables.  Continued practice on ixl.com over the summer is recommended.

Thanks and have a fabulous summer!