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6W April News



Happy Easter to the St. Christopher School Community.  I hope you all enjoyed the time off with your children, family, and friends.  I am looking forward to some better weather and the start of the 2018 Boston Red Sox Season!


This month the sixth grade will continue to study Europe in social studies.  Our annual Jeopardy Tournament will also begin.


The fifth grade has begun their unit on the American Revolution in their social studies class.  It is one of my favorite units.


This week we began our newspaper book reports in 6W.  Students read a non-fiction book on an historical event.  They will present their findings in class by creating the front page of a newspaper.  The lead story will hold the answers to the 5 W’s..Who? What? Where? When? What? And Why?  The page will include a masthead, a headline, an editorial, and interview, a photograph (picture), advertisements.  The page will show correct use of the byline, cut-line, and dateline.  I can’t wait to see the finish products!  We will also continue to use our literature anthology and Time For Kids magazine in literature class.  This month’s book for independent reading is science fiction or fantasy.  All books should be finished by April 30th.  The book report activity will be done in class.


Now that we have celebrated Easter we will return our study of the Old Testament in Grade Six Religion.  The entire student body will celebrate Mass together on April 13th.


Please continue to encourage your children to practice the spelling list words at home using spellingcity.com.


Wishing you all a happy and safe April Vacation.  The rest of the year will be very busy for Grade 6.  More information about our end of the year activities will be included in the May newsletter.


Mary Lou Wefers