October News

We have hit the ground running and are off to a fabulous school year.  September was a very busy month filled with new things for everyone.

For the month of October, we will read Chapters 5 through 9 in our Religion text.  We continue our journey through the Old Testament, while being introduced to the Patriarchs.   Please note, all Religion Tests are take-home tests, but they are still TESTS.  Tardy and unfinished tests are unacceptable.   Chapters 6 and 7 do not have a test, as they are short lessons.

Continue to use www.spellingcity.com for practice spelling tests.  Spelling tests are taken on the iPads, and the more practice your child has during the week, the better he/she will do on Friday.  This month’s lessons are 5 through 9.  The only lesson not found on spelling city is 6.  It is a review of lessons 1 through 5.

In Literature, we have been using our class stories to focus on plot. In small groups, students wrote a poem summarizing their summer reading.  They are fantastic!  We have a very talented group. Our second book report genre is Biography.  The book must be approved by October 6th.

In fifth grade math, the students are finishing up the multiplication unit.  The test for chapter 2 is Friday, October 7th.  Our next unit is on division.  We will also have our first math project.  The majority of the project is done in school.  It is a long division project, and we will not begin it for a few weeks.  As a reminder, extra help for the fifth grade takes place on Monday mornings at 8 AM.

In sixth grade math, the students are finishing up their multiplication unit, but they also have exponents and scientific notation within their chapter.  Math vocabulary is important.  The test for chapter 2 is Wednesday, October 5th.  6th grade math help takes place on Wednesday mornings at 8 AM.