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Grade 6 - Mrs. Emond


Welcome to Sixth Grade! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I have been teaching at St. Christopher School for over 10 years. I started teaching as a 5th grade homeroom teacher, where I taught science to 5th and 6th grade. Then I became a 6th grade homeroom teacher, where I currently teach math to the 5th and 6th grade.

I grew up in various cities throughout the US and Germany, until my father was stationed in Massachusetts, settling in Nashua, NH. This was a fortunate turn of events, because it brought me to St. Christopher’s, first as a member of the parish and second as a teacher. I graduated from Keene State College, where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish.

Giving Thanks!

6E and 6W worked really hard preparing for their musical.  "Joust" was a great success.  It was wonderful to see that so many parents were able to make it.  If you missed it, check out the website.  Mrs. Nissen filmed the musical.  Mayor Lozeau, the mayor of Nashua, and Sean McDonald from Channel 9 news came and spoke to the sixth grade.  Both presentations were fantastic.  The students were excellent listeners and had some really great questions for both our speakers.

We had our first Meals-On-Wheels activity this past month.  We made our friends bookmarks.  In Religion we study the Old Testament.  We are currently reading about Moses.  PEMDAS, order of operations, has been our focus in Math.  We just finished a group project on PEMDAS to help understand the correct order to solve a multi-step math problem.  Greek gods and goddesses are the name of the game for Social Studies.  Italian Menus are on our plates for English this month.  Underwater sea adventures have been occurring in Science.  Next month on December 8th, 6E will lead Mass.

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Getting into the Swing of Things

We are off to an eventful first quarter.  It is hard to believe we are already halfway through.  We have had some fantastic visitors to the school.  The NED (Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best) program came to reinforce positive behavior and positive attitude.  Jon Goode, author of Pitching with the Papelbons and Basketball with Big Baby, came to read his two stories and give a lecture on doing your best and working hard.  We met our adopted priest, Father Aggie.  He will be visiting with the sixth grade once a month. 

In Math, we’ve finished chapters one and two: place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication.  We are starting our division chapter.  In Social Studies, we practiced being cartographers.  We are studying the ancient civilizations.  In Science, we are gearing up for our field trip to the Boston Museum of Science.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Curran!  We are studying the ocean.  In English, we are working on grammar and vocabulary.  We need to have our first book report book read by the 15th.  It is a mystery.  In Religion, we are studying the Old Testament.  We just finished our chapter on Noah’s Ark. 

Music class has been a blast – from the past!  We are preparing a medieval musical with 6W.  It is so much fun.  We’ve even painted the scenery.  We will be performing our show to our buddy classes.  Only a few weeks left until show time!            


Welcome Back 6th Grade Students!

Welcome back to all our 6th grade students -- we are excited to begin the new year and hope that you are too! As 6th graders, you have a huge responsibility to our school.  From the Pre-K students up to your fellow classmates, you are seen as role models.  As with any role models, we expect that you will demonstrate positive behavior and show the younger students what is expected at St. Christopher School.  It’s an important task; one I know you are all capable of achieving!  We look forward to watching you grow and mature during your final year at St. Christopher School.  You will be amazed at how quickly this year will go by, and we hope that you will look back on your years at St. Chris with fondness.