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Grade 6 - Mrs. Emond


Welcome to Sixth Grade! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I have been teaching at St. Christopher School for over 10 years. I started teaching as a 5th grade homeroom teacher, where I taught science to 5th and 6th grade. Then I became a 6th grade homeroom teacher, where I currently teach math to the 5th and 6th grade.

I grew up in various cities throughout the US and Germany, until my father was stationed in Massachusetts, settling in Nashua, NH. This was a fortunate turn of events, because it brought me to St. Christopher’s, first as a member of the parish and second as a teacher. I graduated from Keene State College, where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish.

We are off to a great start!

317429_10150799483585720_449151905719_20490174_1536678176_n If you haven’t already seen it, you have to check out the sixth grade mural.  6E painted and put together the beautiful 9-11 Remembrance mural.  6E, 6W, 5C, and 5M traced and cut out their hands to complete the stripes of the flag that drapes the globe.  They did a fantastic job!

The sixth and fifth grades are finishing up a math chapter on place value, expanded form, addition, and subtraction.  We will be multiplying and dividing next.

Our “free choice” book report book needs to be read by the 30th of September.  The Book Report is completed in class.

Don’t forget to utilize www.spellingcity.com in preparation for the spelling tests.  It is a great website to help study for the tests.


Welcome Back to the Class of 2012!

Welcome to 6E.  I’m excited to get to know you better, and I am looking forward to a happy and productive school year.  You have reached your final year with us, and you are the role models for our younger grades.  Let’s set a great example!


Hopefully you had a fun and relaxing summer and are ready to get right to work.  Sixth grade is a busy year and before you know it, we will be handing over your promotion certificates.  Don’t blink….time flies by!


If you have any questions, concerns, or you would like to schedule a conference, you can e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Once again, welcome to 6E.  Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!


Too Much Snow

I think we have been out of school more than we have been in school this month.  We have had an abundance of snow days this month.  Catholic Schools Week got off to a great start.  We had a fun time planning and practicing for our mass with our 1M buddies.  We are so proud of how awesome they did in their first mass.  A special CONGRATULATIONS goes out to all of our Spelling Bee contestants.  Levi, Ian, Finn, Ally, and Tyler were our 6E Spelling Bee Contestants.  Great Job!  It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of so many people.  Kelsey from 6W was our School’s winner.  She will represent us in the regional Bee.  PJ day was a lot of fun!  We were all decked out in our finest “jammies”.  6E read stories to our 1M buddies.   Later we had ice cream sundaes.  To finish the week, we had a Beach Day, a Poetry Slam, and a Movie Event with our buddies.  Catherine and Brooke were our poets for the slam.  Catholic Schools Week is always a lot of fun!

We are studying fractions in Math.  In Science and Computer class, we are becoming weather experts.  We will be creating Haiku poems in Literature.  Then we will set our poems to pictures and music during our computer classes.  In English we have been working on New Year’s Eve around the world.  We are researching a country to make an “ABC “book for Social Studies.  We made a Valentine for our Meals on Wheels friends.  We are currently collecting nonperishable items for Corpus Christi as a service project.   

The 6th grade is looking forward to attending the Boston Symphony at the end of the month.  We will head to the big city with Ms. Polcari to enjoy some fine music.  We thank the Parent Group for paying for our bus ride down.    

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