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5V March News


I hope everyone had a great February Vacation! We are now welcoming March and I am hopeful that means spring is right around the corner! Here is a look at what is happening this month:

English- The 5th and 6th grade students will continue to further their understanding of verbs. As we move through our verbs chapter, the students will focus on the role of both action verbs and linking verbs in sentences as well as verb tenses. Once we complete our verbs chapter, we will be moving right along to Adverbs. In writing, the 5th grade students will continue to work on their descriptive writing piece. In 6th grade the student will begin to work on a Research Paper. The students will also continue to learn new Vocabulary words using their Vocabulary Workshop workbooks and incorporating these words into their writing. We have a lot of work ahead of us!

Spelling- For Spelling, we will have Lesson 20, a Review Week of Lessons 16-20, Lesson 21, and Lesson 22. Please continue to use Spellingcity.com to review spelling words and prepare for weekly Spelling tests. The students have done an excellent job using the iPads and we will continue to use them for Spelling Tests.

Reading- The students have done a great job with The One and Only Ivan. They have been able to read in both partners and independently as well as thoughtfully answer questions about the book. We will be continuing to read this wonderful book and continue our great discussions. Our theme for our March Book Report is Biography. This will be due on March 21st and directions were passed out right before vacation!

Religion- In Religion this month the students will continue to learn about the Sacraments of Healing as well as understand the importance of Lent in preparation for Easter. We will have continue to have our Stations of the Cross throughout Lent.

Happy March and Happy Spring!

Mrs. Viola