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5V February News

January was a wonderful month for getting back into our routines and our Catholic Schools Week was an excellent way to end our month. We were able to celebrate our wonderful school and grow deeper in our faith and service to others. We were also able to end Catholic School’s Week with seeing our buddies from KN!


English- In English, the 5th and 6th grade students will finish their adjectives chapter and move on to Chapter 4: Verbs. Throughout the verbs chapter, the students will not only continue to learn about both action verbs and being verbs, but they will also learn how to use them correctly in their writing. In writing, the students will continue to create their own descriptive writing piece. Along with using their 5 senses, the students will also be asked to use descriptive adjectives and vivid verbs to create a successful writing piece. Once we finish our descriptive writing we will move on to Expository writing. We will also continue to learn new Vocabulary words using our Vocabulary Workshop workbooks.


Spelling-We will be covering Lessons 17, 18, and 19. Please continue to use Spellingcity.com to review spelling words and prepare for weekly Spelling tests.


Reading-This month we will continue to read The One and Only Ivan. The students have enjoyed reading the story and we have had some great discussions about the story so far. I look forward to having excellent discussions and hearing the students’ thoughts on the message of this story. Our theme for our February Book Report is adventure. This will be due on February 21st and the directions will be passed out the first week of February.


Religion- In Religion we will continue to learn about Reconciliation and the Sacraments of healing as well as prepare for Lent. Our Ash Wednesday Mass will be on Wednesday, February 14th at 9:15. 5V will be leading Mass so we invite everyone to join us as we begin our Lent Season.

Happy February!

Mrs. Viola