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5V January News

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and a restful vacation. As another year begins, it is a great time to reflect and think about everything that we have accomplished so far this year as well as look forward to what is in store for us as we continue a great school year! Here is a look at what will be happening this month in 5V:


English: In English, the 5th and 6th grade students will be continuing their adjectives chapter. The students will further their learning of the many different types of adjectives as well as further their understanding of how they can use adjectives to enhance their writing. The students have been doing a tremendous job on their Christmas Stories. I am so proud of all their hard work! We will be completing our final drafts of these stories and then we will begin our next writing unit, which is Descriptive Writing. This is a great time for the students to not only use their 5 senses in their writing but also use their knowledge of adjectives to create a great writing piece. We will also continue to learn new vocabulary words using our Vocabulary Workshop books.


Spelling: In Spelling this month we will cover Lessons 14, 15, a review week of Lessons 11-15, and Lesson 16. I continue to encourage the students to use Spellingcity.com as a studying tool in preparation for our weekly spelling tests. It is a great resource to use! Throughout the beginning of January the students will also be participating in classroom Spelling Bees to find participants for our school Spelling Bee. There will be five students and an alternate from 5V who will join the other 5th grade class and both 6th grade classes.


Reading: For the month of January, we will be reading the chapter book The One and Only Ivan as a class. During our reading time for the month of January, the students will have great discussions about what is happening in the story as well as make connections with our own lives to gather a stronger understanding of the important message that this story conveys. The theme for our January Book Report is Fantasy. The students will be making an iMovie trailer and we will be working on it in English and Computer class. The students should finish reading their stories by January 24, 2018.


Religion: In Religion the students will continue to further their learning of the 7 Sacraments as well as learning about the different types of prayer. This year our Catholic Schools Week will be Monday January 29, 2018- Friday, February 2, 2018.


I am looking forward to a great January and a wonderful 2018!

Mrs. Viola