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5M November Highlights

turkeyWow, we are already to begin the second quarter of the school year.  The students have been busy learning all sorts of things in Religion, Science, Math, Social Studies, and English.  They have led one Mass, met with our buddies in 2J for Vocation Day, and adjusted to having 4 different teachers everyday.

In Religion they have learned about our "common vocation" and about being part of God's family tree.  Next we will use Art to learn more about the Sacrament of Baptism.

The students have covered the first 7 Spelling lessons.  They have taken tests on the iPads, highlighted tests where they choose one word out of four (it helps with standardized testing), and the old fashioned way too.  This month Lessons 8, 9, 10, and a review will be covered.  Plesase make sure that your child is practicing on spellingcity.com.  It's great for practice and keyboarding.

We finished learning about the Classification System for living organisms.  We had two fun projects  to put into practice their recent knowledge.  They used a Dichotomous Key to classify "jelly beans".  It is a "sweet" learning tool.  Then they will identify a "new" organism using all the steps in the Classification System.  Check them out during conferences while you wait.  Next they will tackle the "Growth and Survival" of plants and animals. In particular physical structures of living things, adaptations of plants and animals, and life cycles of some animals. Then we will move on to cells and the Human Body Systems.

The sixth graders are still learning about "Earth's Structure". Right now they are leaning about Earthquakes, Plate Tectonics, and Volcanoes. Next we move to "Astronomy and Space Science".

The book report theme for November is Historical Fiction.  The rubric will go home the first week of the month and it is due on Wednesday, November 29, 2017.  In class we are reading short stories in the Reading Street series.  This week we are reading about a day "At The Beach". It deals with the consequences of lying.

Important dates to remember:

November 1-All Saints Day Mass at 9:15, 4T preparing

November 5- Daylight Savings Time begins (turn back your clock)

November 7- Voting Day-National and Student Council at St. Christopher, and Barnes and Noble Night

November 9- Report cards go home

November 10- Veteran's Day, NO school

November 14-Field trip to Boston Museum of Science

November 15 Report cards due back

November 16- Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 17- Annie Jr. at Nashua Catholic

November 21- Thanksgiving Prayer Service, Crazy Sock Day

November 22- No School- Day to prepare for Thanksgiving

November 23- Happy Thanksgiving

November 24- NO School (sleep in)

5M would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving,

Mrs. Mitchell, Johnny, Scarlett, Ava, Ben, Blayne, Elizabeth, Alexandra, Isabel, Emma, Alicia, Brayden, Gavin, Michaela, Mary, Karina, Siena, and Ryan