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Welcome to 5M

Dear Families,

Hello, my name is Sally Mitchell.  I would like to welcome you and your child to the fifth grade. Let me tell you a little about our year ahead.

I will be your child’s teacher for Homeroom, Religion, Spelling, Reading, and Science.  Mrs. Emond teaches Math, Miss Wefers teaches Social Studies, and Mrs. Viola teaches English.

Different genres and styles of literature such as adventure, mystery, biography, plays, informational, etc. will be available to them through our literature series (Reading Street) and reading books. Reading consistently and often is how they will be successful readers.  They will need the tools necessary to comprehend all the genres and styles.  As adults, most of their reading and writing will be informational and I would like to help guide them on their journey towards learning.  Book reports will be a monthly project for them as part of their reading, this goes along with them reading for twenty minutes each night.   Some of the ways that you as parents can help are by reading with or to your child, writing notes to them and having them write back to you.  Having them see you read is also very important.  You are your child’s greatest role model.

Also, don't forget to get started on Number The Stars by Lois Lowry (summer reading).  We will be going over different parts of the book such as characters, plot, and setting in the first few days of school.

Don't forget spellingcity.com. When you get to the website find Teacher: Sally Mitchell, St. Christopher School, and then find the lesson you would like to review (look for Reading Street and the lesson number).

We will be covering many subjects in Science starting with a chapter about Classifying Organisms, Growth and Survival, Structure and Function of the human body, Ecosystems, and the Earth. We will also get ready for STEM Day in March by learning about the Engineering Design Process and Scientific Method.We will explore these different concepts by conducting experiments, reading, games, in school projects and at home projects, etc. They will work in groups in school or sometimes individually.  These concepts will also be reinforced with their homework.  We also will be using the science magazine "SuperScience" from Scholastic.  Fridays will become "SuperScience" day.

Religion will consist of learning more about the seven Sacraments, Holy Days and their connection to the Sacraments, how we can live like Jesus wants us to, and prayer in our lives.

They will need to adjust to the fifth grade and it usually takes until the end of the first quarter.  They will be moving between four classrooms for their core subjects.  They will need to learn to get organized and take all their supplies, homework, notebooks, and whatever else they need with them as they move about the classes.  Their backpacks may be heavy at the beginning of the year as they are tweaking their routines.  They may seem overwhelmed as they get used to their new schedules but as I said they will adjust to it.

The behavior that is expected is what you would want at home, respect for themselves, other children, and the adults in their lives.  I want them to put their best effort into everything they do, and be proud of their results when they have worked to their potential.

If you have any questions or problems you can call or email me at school ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and when time permits I will get back to you.

I look forward to our year ahead and getting to know your children as we enter our new adventure.



Mrs. Mitchell