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April News From 5M

springWelcome to Spring!  It has been long awaited.  The fifth grade was busy this past  month as we waited for more nice weather. They finished their Engineering Design Process project for The STEM Fair. They were a huge success. The students then presented their projects to their class. They all did very well.

The 6th grade is learning about the  Solar System they live in and then we will focus on the planet that we live on.  They will learn about Earth's structure and the forces that make it seem almost alive.

The book report for this month is Humor.  They will be making their own "comic strip" to tell their story. It will be due April 20, 2016.

The spelling lessons to be covered this month are  25, and review of lessons 21-25,and 26.  Don't forget to practice on spellingcity.com.

In religion we will be learning about the sacraments of Matrimony and Holy Orders.

The students will be writing some poetry for the Poetry Slam at the end of the month.  Hopefully you'll be able to join us.

5M would like to wish you a very happy Spring and a great vacation,

Mrs. Mitchell, Pierce, Charlie, Maryfei, Josh, Krystal, Joe, Madelynn, Brenna, Anna, Nathan, Polina, Derek, Madison, Trevor, Emily, Matt, Kelechi, Cam, Ambrose, Bella, Rohan, Kaylie, Kavin, Jamie, and Annika