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Happy New Ye ar from5M



Welcome to 2016! Wow! What a year.  I can't believe that we are almost half way through the school year.  The students have learned so much already such as: the Scientific Method, Classification of Organisms, Growth and Survival of Plants and Animals, and Cells. They have learned more about the Sacraments of Eucharist, Confirmation, Vocations, the Liturgical Year, Advent, and Christmas. Spellingcity has helped to improve their spelling skills and they have read many different genres in their book reports and in class reading.

During January we'll be finishing up on cells and then learning about the human body.  This will lead to a project about the different systems in our wonderful bodies.  Directions and Rubric will be coming in a couple of weeks.  The students look forward to this project and always do a great job.

In Religion the different types of prayer will be covered along with getting ready for Catholic School's Week which actually starts the last Sunday in January and fully begins on February 1, 2016.

In Spelling we will cover lessons 15, review of 11-15, 16, and 17.  Don't forget to use spellingcity.com to help study and prepare for the weekly tests.  Also the students will be having in class spelling bees to get ready for the school Spelling Bee on January 26 at 1:30.

The book report for the month is due on January 22.  The genre is Fantasy.  The rubric will go home the first week of January.  We will also start reading Stone Fox as a class.  The students will be provided a copy of the book to use in class.


Some important dates to remember:

Jan. 6-Mass at 9:15

Jan. 10- Open House at 11:30

Jan. 14- Winter Arts Festival at 6:00

Jan. 18- No School, Martin Luther King Day

Jan. 26- Spelling Bee at 1:30 in Church Hall

Jan. 29- Report Cards


Welcome to 2016,

Mrs. Mitchell